Book Review – DOWN (Deep Onsite Withdrawal from the Nucleus)

Title: DOWN (Deep Onsite Withdrawal from the Nucleus)

Author: Mackenzie Campbell

Release Date: Mid 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


Project ACRONYM (Actual Controlled Release Of Nuclear Yield Materials) has landed a forty megaton nuclear bomb in the core of the earth. If it’s triggered, the shockwave will literally rip the earth to pieces. Commander Mikayla Burgess is charged with the task of piloting the USS Instigator to the core with the help of her copilot, Ben Thorne, navigational expert Brenna Mathis, geophysicist Shia Kash, robotics technician Kooper Sergei, and “expendable” Ryan Sharpe. They must find the nuke in a two million square mile environment of pure molten metal at 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit with millions of pounds of pressure per square inch. As a brilliant politician slowly turns every technician on the surface, can they survive long enough to deactivate the nuke? Will any technicians be brave enough to keep them alive? Is it even possible to survive the core?

My Thoughts:

Firstly, I was super excited when I was asked to be a beta reader for this book! But since I’m not a big science fiction fan, my expectations were pretty low when I started reading. But as soon as I finished Chapter One, my immediate reaction was:


And I kept loving it till the very end!

This book is full of non-stop action as some seriously heart stopping moments. This story is in no way predictable, I was shocked at every page!

There are some daunting scientific terms in the beginning, but they’re explained in a nice way so that most young adults will understand.

I really have no complaints about this book!