The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello, fluffy little unicorns.

The lovely Tash over at The Bookie Monsters nominated me for this tag! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Tash!!!! Check out her blog, it’s full of so many fun posts!

Tash has asked 11 questions which I shall answer. Then, I shall proceed to ask 11 questions of my own for the 11 bloggers I nominate.

Get it? Got it? Good!

1. What song can you not get enough of at the moment?


Colors of the Wind will forever and always be my favorite song.

2. If you could go back in time and meet anybody, who would it be and why?

Gandhi. Because he’s awesome and the one of the only people in history who made a significant difference without any fighting. Also, #indianpower. We’ll forgive the fact that he was from North India. #southindianprejudice 

3. Where is the one place in the world you would love to travel?


Since I have recently been to Paris, that leaves Tahiti. Just look. Those huts over the water, that crystal clear blue, it’s beautiful and it’s paradise!

4. You’ve won the lottery! What’s the first thing you do with your winnings?

Um, books. Duh.

5. What’s your biggest comfort?

Food. And books. And food. But only the kind that isn’t good for you.

6. There’s a zombie apocalypse happening right outside your house and you can only grab three things from the room you’re in right now to protect yourself! What things do you grab?

A pair of scissors, a blanket, and coffee. For obvious reasons.

7. Favourite movie of all time?

Queen. It’s partly in Hindi. It’s about this girl who’s fiancé breaks up with her a day before the wedding. So, she goes on her honeymoons by herself and has some hilarious adventures! I would absolutely recommend this movie to those who love to travel. It’s on Netflix!

8. What’s your favourite thing to do apart from blogging?

Well, reading. Of course. Also ballet.

9. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall?

SUMMER! Always, always summer. No school, the pool, and plenty of time to read!

10. Your go-to book recommendation?

Percy Jackson series. This is the first series I fell head-over-heels in love with, and I have had a obsessive, slightly insane attachment to it ever since.

11. What got you into blogging?

My reason isn’t going to be very exciting. I was bored one day. I had had a reading slump that had lasted nearly a year. I wanted something to do. I started blogging, and I fell in love.

My questions:

1. What book do you recommend to the non-readers?

2. Favorite ethnic food?

3. Describe your dream reading room/nook/place.

4. How many books do you have?

5. You can only keep 3 of the books you own. Which do you choose?

6. What would the Sorting hat choose for you?

7. What’s the best beverage and snack to drink and eat while reading.

8. Hobbies beside blogging and reading?

9. Attach your favorite bookish decor item.

10. If you could have a bookish superpower, what would you want it to be?

11. What’s your 2015 Reading Challenge and how much of it have you completed?

And now for my fabulous nominees:


Books and Feathers
Love thy Shelf
Lekeisha the Booknerd
The Worn Bookmark
And I nominate YOU! Officially and everything. Give this a try, if you’d like!

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Montgomery Village, MD 20886-6907

22 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. I love all your answers! And you do ballet?! That’s wonderful, I wish I could do ballet!
    And I personally am a winter kind of girl, but I guess its because I can’t stand the heat of summer here in Australia!
    Thank you for nominating me! xoxo ❤

  2. Tahiti does look beautiful. It also makes the rainy summer we have in England a little harder to take.

    Also the only keeping three books question is just plain cruel!

  3. Thank you so much for nominating me Becca! Expect a lot of descriptions of Turkish foods for the ‘ethnic food’ question. 😀 I love this tag!

  4. I had no idea in the world that you knew Hindi!!! Queen is also one of my favourite movies! Enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂

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