Bookish MASH!

If you don’t know how MASH works(Was the rock you lived under comfortable?), basically you list these categories(Husbands, Homes, Transportation, etc…) and have four options in each category, two good, two bad.(And yes, I cheated a little in the husband category…) Then you ask someone to tell you when to stop and you make a bunch of lines on a piece of paper. Use the number of lines to count all the listings and stop and cross of one listing when you reach the number.

Here are my lovely little categories!

My mom was a little confused about when she was supposed to say stop, so it went a little long… 

At the very least, my love life is successful!

At least it’s a shack with Percy Jackson…

If you’ve read Legend by Marie Lu, you know that Antartica in that book is freaking awesome.


I have nothing positive to say about this… 



Wings = I’m a fairie. That, or Rowan will carry in me in his arms and transport me places, which I really don’t have a problem with.

That’s it! Give it a try, it’s so much fun!

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