Book Agony | Waiting for a Book Release

Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas is only five days away. 5 DAYS. It’s so close, and yet, so far.

It all began when I finished Heir of Fire. I was on that lovely little book high, the book was fabulous! 

Then, I whizzed onto goodreads and looked up Queen of Shadows. That’s when a wave of panic hit me. I have to wait till September 1st?!


Waiting would be torture, waiting would be—

Of course, I moved on to distraction. But no book satisfied my need. Not even an episode of Gilmore Girls could cheer me up. It all came back to the same feeling.

What do we all go to when in emotional pain? Yes. That’s right. I began to eat.

And, of course, the next step was retail therapy. But I didn’t even want to buy anything, all I wanted was to cradle Queen of Shadows in my hand and read every single word.

Well, I thought, If I can’t have Queen of Shadows, I might as well immerse myself in the world. And so I did. I looked at all the fan art, I compulsively bought every pin, every phone case, every tote bag that even slightly resembled the series. 

Then, as I obsessively casually waited in a bookstore for Queen of Shadows, I noticed a shiny cover resting on a shelf. Well, maybe I could read that while I wait, I thought. I move towards it…

I couldnt stop reading. Every word kept me trapped inside the book until the very last page. As quickly as I could, I ran to goodreads and looked at the release of the sequel. 

I have to wait until 2016?!

It’s a vicious, vicious cycle.

I hope you enjoyed that, have you been enduring book agony lately? Let me know in the comments, along with any questions or requests! Have a wonderful day!

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35 thoughts on “Book Agony | Waiting for a Book Release

  1. Me too. To bad after this we have to wait again. Did you know it’s a 7 book series? I was also told that it shows on goodreads she’s writing a 3rd book series called Twilight of the Gods.

  2. I KNOW!! I’m just glad there’s someone else who is obsessing over this, and it’s just not me! I’m so excited to hear what you think about the book once you receive it!! 4 MORE DAYS!!!
    Thank you! ❤️

  3. Oh my gosh I feel you… I’ve been waiting for Queen of Shadows since MAY! And in about to rip my hair out because the wait is killing me. KILLING ME. Especially after Book Depository told me my order for Queen of Shadows is currently on its way. I’ll be obsessively compulsively checking my mail box every day now…
    Wonderful post! 💋

  4. Yesssss. I totally feel you! I was going to reserve it, and borrow from the library and then I was 32ND in line, and so when I went to the bookstore, I just ended up going, “Screw it.” and finally pre-ordered.

  5. I am so impatient for it!! According to my order my copy won’t be delivered until the 12th which by that stage everyone else would have already finished and I’ll have to be careful to avoid reviews like the plague! I haven’t read the Queen of Shadows blurb I’ve been making sure to know nothing so it’s all new and AHDJDUNSK!!

  6. Loved this post! Your writing style is always so funny and relatable to read about Becca. 🙂 (p.s. what’s the book that you have to wait another year for??)

  7. I know, right! It’s torture! ALREADY??!!! That’s amazing!! Though really my favorite way to get a new book is to get to the bookstore first thing in the morning and sit and read it at the bookstore cafe 🙂
    Thanks for commenting!

  8. Yes! Waiting for a book we’ve been dying to read to be released is hell! Especially Queen of Shadows! But if I’m not mistaken, I think it’s already available on book depository… Because I just got an email saying it has been dispatched…. Then, maybe it’s an error… 😺 loved your post!

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