NaNoWriMo Update | Week 1!


So, writing a book in a month is not what I was expecting. Not at all.

1. When it comes to writing, I’m learning I like taking it slow. What generally happens when I write a book is that I start losing interest in what I write by overthinking everything I write, or coming up with an idea for another book I want to write and liking that book better. Because of this, I thought if I only had a month to write I wouldn’t have time to overthink, I would just power through.

Oh I found time to overthink. I found lots.

In fact, writing so quickly is making my overthinking worse. Normally when I write I get the first chapter done, rewrite it until I loved it and continue.

Yeah, NaNoWriMo doesn’t work that way. It’s because I can’t perfect everything as I go along that I’m feeling frustursted with what I write and  I’m coming across these mini writers block of just wanting to go back and make it perfect.

2. I’m a week into NaNoWriMo and I want to write a different book. THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS WHY. I feel this drive to this other story I’ve been absentmindedly creating in my mind, and I’m trying so hard not to! I’m trying to ignore it, but I want to write that story so bad, and everyday this story that I’m writing feels less powerful and this idea in my head is pulling me.

3. Frick I’m lazy. Oh yes. There’s that too. Maybe I should go work on my novel. But I don’t really like it anymore. Oh, look, Internet. Yes. There is that too. 

So, what should I do? Should I just power through this novel or should I write this new novel at the pace that fits me?

23 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update | Week 1!

  1. Well, right now I’m powering through my current novel! I really got pumped up with all the nano pep talks, and once I finish this novel I might try my other idea. I am pretty far behind, but it’s about writing, not winning!
    Thanks for your advice!

  2. I think you’re really going to start to resent and dread writing your current novel if you keep going like this. I think you should try your new idea; I mean great ideas don’t come along everyday and what if it’s the next Harry Potter?!?!!? It could happen. But I would also hate for you to waste all the hard work you’ve already put forth, maybe you could work the new idea into your current storyline??

  3. I would definitely not be the person to ask this of, haha, so I’m glad others gave you some good advice! But I will say to do what’s best for you, not what’s best for your reputation! Basically, it WON’T affect your reputation if you do something that will help you grow as a writer and don’t meet the goal. So don’t worry about it!

  4. It’s easy to become frustrated, but take heart in that you’ve identified your strengths and the challenges early on in the month! I think you should just go with what you feel is best for you. And even if you do decided to tackle a new project, keep what you’ve written (just because you decided to change tack, doesn’t mean that should count for nothing!) We all have our writing habits that work. Good luck!

  5. well I’m kind of being really lenient on myself so I just go with the flow lol
    sometimes i’ll reread the parts i’ve written and that’ll help me rekindle my interest

  6. You’re very welcome! I must also use this advice for myself as I have not been writing my current novel for a while and I need to get back into the groove. Good luck πŸ’•

  7. Wow, this advice is fabulous! I thank you so, so much! I’m trying to stick with the story I’ve started, but I’ve decided if I’m halfway through or something and I just really need to write this other book, I’m going to do that. Thank you so much for your advice, it was a huge help!

  8. I’m doing NaNo too (and oh the struggles of being a writer!!!!)!
    And no one but you can decide what to do with your story, but NaNo, in my opinion, isn’t about following the rules. It isn’t “YOU MUST WRITE 50,000 WORDS IN ONE SINGLE NOVEL OR DIE.” It’s about taking this opportunity to make progress as a writer, however that may be. If progressing as a writer /for you/ means sticking with this novel and learning to write freely without going back to perfect all the things, then that’s what you should do. If it means starting a new story that really is “the one” for you, then that’s what you should do.
    Personally, I’m trying a series of short stories this month (except I’m kinda stuck on one that might be turning into a novel, but whatever) and I’m not sure I’m gonna make the 50,000. But I’m writing. And I’m progressing and I’m getting better. And that’s all that matters. πŸ™‚


  9. Wow, this advice is fantastic! I’m going to try and push through in the month of November, thank you so much for this advice! I’m going to try these little excericses, and I’m sure they’re really going to help!

  10. Oh the struggles! I know exactly how that feels. Although I’ve never participated in NaNoWriMo, I can relate to this very much, especially the one about wanting to write another story! I absolutely hate when that happens!
    But push through, do something that will bring back that excitement to the story! Ponder about where your story will go, develop a main character in depth, write a mini story about their life before the actual novel. I find that that helps me out a lot with keeping focused and motivated.

  11. I’m glad I’m not alone! Thank you, this advice really helps πŸ™‚ I’m not looking at what I’ve written, but all the little improvements are stuck in the back of my mind!

  12. I think that happens to everyone! I’ve had to same “other” idea for a book in the back of my head for years. Every time I get a bit demoralized/bored with the one I’m writing at the moment (and continuing with for NaNo), my mind wanders off to the “other” book πŸ™‚
    Try and power through. You can always note down ideas for the other one and write it later. πŸ™‚
    I also understand why you want to edit as you go. I look at some of the stuff I’ve written this week during NaNo and I think, “Urgh!”. So I’ve stopped looking at it!!

  13. I get that all the time! I always get bored of my novel… I reckon power through, but give yourself a smaller word count so you have time to perfect things. Remember, you’re allowed to break all of NaNo’s rules if you want to πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  14. I think that you shouldn’t force yourself to meet all of NaNoWriMo’s goals, if you’re not feeling like it. If another story is calling to you, then you definitely should write it, and at your own pace. I think that what matters most in this month, is to get some writing done πŸ˜€

  15. I kind of have the same problem as you..I start writing a great idea that I have and think I feel passionate about it but the passion wanes and then I stop caring which is really bad lol..

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