Falling Kindoms | People Die. A Lot. 

 Title: Falling Kingdoms

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Genre: Young Adult, High Fantasy

Pages: 412

Published: December 11, 2012 by Razorbill

So many secrets. Everything had something to hide, it was delightful! I love it when an author lets you in on a character’s secret. Because then I get to laugh at all the other characters that have no idea what’s going on. Because I’m a mean hag.


The plot was definitely driven by intrigue—political, romantic, etc.

The pacing was overall slower. Despite the abundance of drama, the story moved a little slower than it should’ve been. But it was okay for me! I’m actually learning how to be patient!

Meet the first line of Falling Kingdoms:

She’d never killed before tonight.

I am a collector of first lines and this one, my friend, certainly pulls you in.

Built for fantasy. The writing had that indescribable feel that envelopes you while reading fantasy. But, despite this, it felt a little too generic. Nothing particularly stood out, nothing made me sing with emotion.

Characters galore! We see through the perspectives of so many, and I loved the way Morgan Rhodes braided them all into the story. You hardly know whose side to be on, there’s a battle within yourself and it’s fascinating. 

They were kind of drab. Here’s the thing. Many people died, and I didn’t feel much. I didn’t feel much because they were boring, they didn’t excite me. Though I was fascinated by a couple characters, most of the characters felt that way to me—drab.


Drama and intruige galore! But I kind of want to be sad when people die so I don’t feel like the heartless potato I am.

What books filled with political intruige have you read? Are you a heartless potato like me?


9 spoiler-y thoughts had while reading Falling Kingdoms:

  • Obviously Lucia isn’t Magnus’ sister, but he doesn’t know that. He’s been raised his whole life believing he’s related to her. So do his feelings for her frighten me? YES. CREEP. Frickin’ mental incest. 
  • Aron is pathetic. He doesn’t deserve the name Aron. He taints it. 
  • I just realized it’s Cheif Basilius and not Chef Basilius. Everything makes much more sense now.
  • HA. This is great. Let me just slip into Morgan Rhodes’ mind for a bit: Well we don’t want a love triangle but we’re going to create the feels between Jonas and Cleo so BYE THEON! Nice knowing you!
  • Was I supposed to be sad about Theon’s death? Oops.
  • Magnus is an idiot. Of course he was rejected. He deserves to be rejected.
  • First there was the hate from Jonas to Cleo, now it’s Cleo to Magnus. It’s so interesting to see how the tables have turned!
  • I feel like if we got to know Emilia better I would be sadder that she died. But all I’m feeling right now is frustration because UGH SHE JUST GOT THE SEEDS.
  • Bye, Chef! 

Who did you love or hate the most? Who are shipping? (Because for me Jonas and Cleo is endgame.)

    13 thoughts on “Falling Kindoms | People Die. A Lot. 

    1. I completely agree with you with Magnus!!! He deserves to be rejected!!! I’m for Team Theon forever even though with what happened!!

    2. Daaaamn. Right? I figured something happens later in the series but I just finished book 2 and I still don’t see it.

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