My (Very French and Very Sneaky) Fictional Life! | Get Up Offa That Slump: Blogging Extravaganza 

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Here’s the prompt: March 14 is, in fact, Pi Day, but I couldn’t think of how to mix books with math (except for how much money we spend on them). But then I got to thinking of smart characters, and our favorite geeky and nerdy characters (not a bad thing to be), and then I went back to this idea: being an actual fictional character. Perhaps it’s you being one of your favorite fictional characters; what would life be like? Or maybe create a persona or alter ego of yourself based off fictional characters, or making yourself a fictional character to be with or defeat other fictional characters. Let your imagination run wild.

OR, you can Do a Book Tag: There are these things going around the blogosphere called book tags. It’s basically some idea or subject, and then you put books into their categories, matching them up. Here are just a few tags I found that you can do, or you can make your own!

So take a breath, have a snack, then welcome your little patootie into my fictional life.


Where: Paris, France.

When: 1950s

Why: I’m just going to assume you’re not a heathen, so I won’t explain why I chose Paris. (Guys. It’s Paris.) So why the 1950s? (It’s about to get very superficial very shortly, so prepare yourself) The clothes. The cars. The overall style.

Okay. Superficiality done. For now.

(Also, why are there so little books set in the 50s? It’s such an important time in history, especially in America. Authors, get on it.)

Enjorlas: Meet the charming comic relief. He’s the one supplying the money for my epic adventures (because even a fictional world can’t make me rich). He owns a line of hotels in which I do all my spying business. (How convenient.) He also happens to have the same name as this guy from Les Miserables. Huh. What a coincidence.

Cèline: This is the tiny child everyone underestimates. She is my spying assistant and is quite adorable.

As I quickly mentioned in the section above, I am in the sneaky spying business. Basically, I am James Bond, in France and in heels. Everyone underestimates me. because they’re ignorant and I’m tiny, ergo, I ALWAYS WIN. 

On the weekends I travel to America and do some work with my buddy Martin Luther King Jr. We make a great team.


As I uncover the rabid criminal, he pulls out a gun and points in at Enjorlas and Cèline’s head. He shoots, I run. I push my sidekicks to ground just as the bullet fatally blooms in my chest. I take my last breath so my friends can live on.

That or I die in my sleep at 103.

Would your life be a science-fiction or a spy novel? Historical or fantasy? Would your sidekicks be rich or peasants? JOIN THE EXTRAVAGANZA!


18 thoughts on “My (Very French and Very Sneaky) Fictional Life! | Get Up Offa That Slump: Blogging Extravaganza 

  1. I could not kill my fictional self. I am way to anxious of a person.

    I do this all the time. Pretty much every day I invent an imaginary future for myself. It does not involve a minimum wage retail job, but that seems to be what I’m doing anyway, haha. My favourite one is when I accidentally stumble into a heist. Basically I want my life to be like Firefly. Or Six of Crows.

  2. Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and decided to follow because it’s such a nice sight and youre book reviews are nice! Would you mind following me back and checking my blog out? I’m new in this community and would definitely love to make friends! 🙂 http://thepandabookblog,wordpress,com :*

  3. I would totally read this book! I’m a sucker for comic relief characters and anything taking place in Europe haha.
    As cliche as it sounds, I would freaking love to be a character where I’m the chosen one because I guess I need to feel like a special snowflake? LOL I think I’d like for it to be set in space sort of like Star Trek and I would have a ship and I would have a spock to my kirk and just have space/laser guns and all that :3

  4. My fictional life would 10/10 be me a book nerd on a long haul space journey to some far off planet, but along the way the ship would be attacked by evil aliens (cause all aliens are evil – let’s be honest) and I’d contract some virus off them that’d gift me with awesome super powers that would be able to help save everyone. But instead of using my powers for good, me and my equally lazy best friends would like use our powers to look like beautiful AF, and own all the books, and like levitate the remote into our hands so we didn’t have to get off the couch. Our selfishness would piss off all readers everywhere but we wouldn’t give a fuck cause we’re magical and the rest of you aren’t.

  5. Spy novels ftw! My sidekicks would bankroll me thank you (as much as I don’t care, imagine how awkward it would be, going on an adventure, an realizing you ain’t got that bling. Like, hey, can I beg a plane ticket off of ya? XD )

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