Why Blogging is THE VERY BEST THING | Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza 

Today is the day. THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA. I missed nearly all of it because as soon as performance season was over Mother Nature decided it was the best time to get the flu and almost die and re-watch every Disney movie ever. THANKS MOTHER NATURE.


Here’s the prompt: It’s THE LAST DAY. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Blogging Extravaganza and that it’s helped to give you a gentle shove back into blogging, and that it’s given you some blogging inspiration. For the last post we’re getting just a wee bit serious. Even if you’re struggling with blogging, you’re still here and you’re still doing this; there’s a reason why you don’t want to quit blogging, and you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So tell us: Why are you still here? What makes blogging worth it? Why is it so fun and fantastic and you don’t want to let it go? Why do you love it? (And the goods outweigh the few hardships, don’t they?)


  • It’s literally another world. My “real” life and my book blogging life are kept pretty much separate, so when I blog it’s sort of like immersing myself in a separate universe. It’s so stress-relieving and and actually very exhilarating! So basically I travel through universes. And that’s why you should blog. #endofstory


  • FRIENDS. YAY. You can have blogging buddies from around the world—Morocco, India (go India!), Australia (*winks at Josie*), France (*hugs Marie*), EVERYWHERE. You broaden your perspective and you learn so much about people—it helps you to understand the whole world better. And just by blogging! Isn’t it crazy and wonderful?!
  • CREATIVITY ABOUNDS! You are so free to express yourself, to be yourself. And nobody judges! (Okay some people are probably judging but pfft it’s because they’re sad and lonely and nobody loves them anyway so just offer them some pity and move along) 
  • Books will never be the same. Sure, you can read books. But blogging about them—it’s a whole other level. You become submerged in a world that loves books, breathes books, is books. You find out the latest news the quickest, you get books before they’re even published, YOU BECOME THE BOOKS. THE BOOKS ARE YOU. 


  • Getting comments is the best thing in the world. Knowing that your work is appreciated, knowing that someone took time out of their day to talk about what you wrote, that is so indescribably magical and lovely and perfect. Even getting a simple Great post! completely brightens my day. Though, I must admit, I’ve been bummed when my posts have randomly gotten very little remarks upon them. BUT. It’s all worth it when that positive blogging friend bursts into your little blogging life!
  • IT CAN BE YOUR FREAKING JOB. No, blogging isn’t my job. But hey, it could be. You can make a living out of talking about books—um yes please! For more information, Xan @ Twirling Pages has this lovely post.
  • It leads to all kinds of bookish opportunities! If you stick with blogging and work so very hard at it, you become popular. And if you become popular, you get to do awesome things like moderate a panel at BEA. No, of course I don’t think this a reason to blog. But why is it bad to have this as a goal? No one thinks a musician is fake because they want to be famous. Moral of the story: Just love books and DREAM BIG. Then, all kinds of doors will open for you!

And that, chums, is why I blog.

Are you a non-blogger? If so, have I managed to convert you? If yes, YAY! here’s how to get started. Already a blogger? Why do you blog? How do you stay inspired? 

        32 thoughts on “Why Blogging is THE VERY BEST THING | Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza 

        1. This post was adorable ❤ I recently started blogging but I already love this community of bibliophiles SO SO much 🙂

        2. WAHOO! So glad you did, it’s such a great way to express all of the bookness!
          YES COMMENTS. So lovely, just like this one 😏
          OH NO. You must my friend. The community is the best part of blogging!

        3. I love this! Istarted blogging because I wanted a place to write out all of my bookish thoughts as soon as I’d had them. Comments are always a positive and I love that someone will take the time to read what I have to say.

          I’m not really that connected with the blogging community, but hopefully with time… ^-^

        4. I LOVE THIS POST! I’m new to the book blogging scene but I’m so happy for finally being here. It took me a while to get started (and I’m still learning) but it’s so encouraging to have others help. This post was fully of joy and I thank you for that!

        5. Thank you! Aw, I hope so, there’s nothing I would love to do more. I’m so glad you’ve decided to start a blog now! Psh, judgers smudgers. Nothing but positivity, if I have anything to say about it!! Unless we’re talking about negative book reviews in which case oops I turn into an evil mutant unicorn.
          Yes! Yes yes yes!

        6. I KNOW!! And I feel like we could all just have one big blogging party around the world! Thank you so much for commenting Joan! That’s so true, it much easier to truly attach yourself when other people feel the same way about a book.

        7. I love this post, I suspect you will have inspired a bunch of people to finally start their own blog! I always wanted to start but I was so scared people wouldn’t like my thoughts or it wouldn’t be very good but it is such a wonderful community which is so accepting and like you said if people are judging it’s not really about us its sort of their own problems.

          It’s amazing interacting with people all over the world and sharing ideas 🙂

        8. I would totally visit Morocco in a flash. And New Zealand. And all the other cool places where bloggers live. This is such a lovely post brimming with enthusiasm, thanks for writing it Becca! I agree about how blogging is similar to existing in a different universe, and it kinda gives you a longer lasting connection with beloved books since you can flail and talk about them with people who feel the same way.

        9. AW I love you, SENDING YOU HUGS AND FRENCH PASTRIES ❤ I love this post, you're always spreading the positivity, and I have to say, all of your blog posts never fail at putting a smile on my face, I LOVE IT ❤ And, erm, I'm definitely turning into a book, step by step, every minute I spend blogging. But I love it.

        10. Omg I really love this! Your enthusiasm is definitely contagious ❤ I love the part "BOOKS ARE YOU" haha xD I've been in a bit of blogging slump lately and haven't been able to bring myself to write new blog posts though I have ideas piling up in my head so thank you for being so motivational and awesome (: *runs off to blog*

        11. I love this! You speak the truth!

          Thank you. I really needed the encouragement today. I’m writing a review, it’s late at night and I had a very long day at work. I was just starting to ask myself why I’m doing this. Now I remember! ‘Cause it’s the best!

        12. Cute post! You become the books you read! haha I laughed out loud, so true! 😀
          Book blogging is just a wonderful thing! I love everything you had to say about it! I’ve recently been trying to get more submerged in book blogging, but life just wants to butt in ha! Wouldn’t book blogging as a career be the best thing ever! ❤ 🙂

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