Bookish Conversation Starters For the Bookishly Challenged

Here’s how friendship works in the bookish world:

You read books.

I read books. 


It’s a trick sort of logic but it works. Now, if you happened to be born without the literary gene, befriending a bookworm may turn out to be particularly tricky. Fret not, chums. I’ve got you covered.


  • How does one read?
  • Can you recommend any books for people into insert interest here?
  • Oh my gosh! That book cover is so pretty! If you were to design a book cover what would it look like?
  • I love that bracelet! What book inspired it? Did you make it?
  • I break the spines of all the books I read. (This will get a conversation going, but certainly not a friendship)
  • Do you like writing?
  • Oh, what’s NaNoWriMo? Can I join?
  • Do you want some bookish candy? (The answer is yes. Do not even ask this question. It’s redundant)
  • So what couples do you ship the most?
  • What do you want for your birthday? (GUESS WHAT IT IS BOOKS)
  • Where do you get all your bookish merchandise?
  • Can you recommend me a monthly bookish subscription box?
  • What are your bookish role models?
  • What book got you into reading? WAS YOUR LIFE EVER THE SAME? (Nope. The answer is nope.)
  • Wow, so what are your favorite booktubers and book bloggers?
  • Hey, should I check out Becca and Books? (Ahem. Yes.)

I hope that helped, my lovely little book-virgins. Ask me any of the questions above, let’s get the conversation flowing! 

    26 thoughts on “Bookish Conversation Starters For the Bookishly Challenged

    1. “This will get the conversation going, but certainly not a friendship” 😂 That is my favourite line! Great post!

    2. Right! I love learning what people love, their passions and such, and then recommending a book that is perfect to them. It’s so fulfilling if they don’t usually read and you can turn them into a bibliophile!
      That sounds like the best persuasion speech ever! Congrats to you!
      Thanks a bunches, Summer 🙂

    3. My favorite question to be ask is “can you recommend me a book if I liked _____.” Recently for my speech class my persuasion speech was on “why you should read more” and it spurred so much conversation after class. XD Anyway, awesome post, Becca! 🙂

    4. I’ve recently got my hands on a copy of the The winners curse! Maybe I should be picking it up ASAP!

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