Make it or Break it: Books as Broadway Plays

All of the bestest Broadway plays have been inspired by books. Les Miserables, Wicked, HAMILTON.

This is my opinion, and therefore a fact.

But not all books are meant to take the stage, with a chorus shuffling their pages, a dance to glorify their action. So: Broadway and books. Which would work, and which wouldn’t?


Soooooo. Huh.

First of all, the songs would be half-metal half-Irish folk song, resulting in a very scrumptious soundtrack. Plus, all the fight scenes could be dance duels which would be both wildly entertaining and also altogether mortifying to Broadway as a whole.

Imaginative, yes. A good idea—in part, yes. But I can’t see the plot working with a stage.


I think Broadway could actually make this book and its ridiculous title work! 

Think about—cute, contemporary music, a little tap choreography, and you’ve got a play that some people will go to maybe because who even pays that much to see performances anymore albeit me.

MAKE IT. Why not.


Middle Eastern music, Silky, intimate choreography—I’m thinking the Arabian dance in the Nutcrakcer-esque.

AND THE COSTUMES. I NEED TO PLAN THE COSTUMES. The set will be gorgeous, the music will be better, and I’ll be directing choreography, thankyouverymuch.

MAKE IT TO THE MOON AND BACK. BRB going to go make a Broadway play now.

Meh. I don’t see it.

As a book, it works out great. It’s cute, it’s heartfelt. But on stage, everything is big. It needs to be larger than life, and yet able to see the smallest of details. This book just can’t handle that.

Sorry, break it.

So what are your Broadway favorites? Do you agree with my choices? Are there award-winning productions you have in mind? CAN YOU HIRE ME FOR THE CHOREOGRAPHY PLS??


21 thoughts on “Make it or Break it: Books as Broadway Plays

  1. It would be so interesting to see these books made into plays! I haven’t actually read any of these but I’m thinking of books that I’ve read that would actually work and it’s pretty hard. Love this topic!

  2. Omg I love this topic! YOU ARE GENIUS. 😂 I think The Wrath and the Dawn would work soooo well, for sure. Although I do confess I’ve only seen musical-movies, never actually a Broadway play. WAIT. I watched Pirates of Panzanse (I’m like 99% sure I spelled that badly). Like it was a movie, but it was still on a stage. That was awesome. 😂

  3. This post is so unique Becca! I love it so much ❤ I would definitely go out of my way to see The Wrath and The Dawn if it was a Broadway musical 😛

  4. I think Atonement by Ian McEwan would do well as a PLAY, not a musical, but it’d be great with music in the background… Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo (that guy who did War Horse if you don’t know him) would be AMAZING. So pretty and ocean-y with lots of floaty dresses and for the water it would be awesome…
    Ok I’m dreaming now

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