Grand, Scrumpitous Changes for Becca & Books! (Have Your Pies Ready)

WELCOME chums! 

So I’ve been gone for 11 days, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, my loving little slave. I’ve had time. But I’ve also been cursed with slothery. (It’s chronic) 

The thing is, sometimes I get a little more invested in another aspect of my life—an aspect that isn’t bookish. This leads to a lack of inspiration to really talk about books. And yet, still, I’m ready to talk, to talk about other things, about the rest of my life (which is ballet & theater)


Voila! It’s a VERY rough draft (if you’re an expert png maker, give me a call, would ya) but it shows the essence of my goal. I’m expanding my blog to mostly books, but a bit of ballet and Broadway in there. After all, I’m almost always in a bookish mood, but when I’m not, I still want to be blogging.

After all, all three are about telling a story, whether it through words, dance, or acting.

BUT HERE IS AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I will always be primarily bookish. Remember that, my fiends.

I will always be taking your opinion into consideration!

Are you “meh” about this lifestyle addition to my blog? THEN YELL AT ME.

I’m thinking about changing my name to: The Bookerina. (GET IT GET IT GET IT) What’s your opinion? Are you pro puns or on team #stoppunsforever?


35 thoughts on “Grand, Scrumpitous Changes for Becca & Books! (Have Your Pies Ready)

  1. I did when I was really little!! Dancers unite ❤️ (I’m actually planning to dance again sometime soon)

  2. I LOVE this idea Bookerina ❤ Can't wait for the new lifestyle posts! I used to be a dancer myself 😉

  3. Yay, so happy you’re adding lifestyle into your blog too! I don’t know much about ballet but I bet your posts will be just as interesting as always ❤ so excited for you!

  4. A about that pun! And do what makes you happy and what you enjoy! Want to write about ballet and theatre? Do it! Want to write about books? Do it! Both? BOOM, do it!

    (*bows after Shia LaBeouf moment* 😂)

  5. That’s a really cute name! 🙂 I think it’s great to expand and be cultured. Sure it’s great to have a focus on a blog, but it’s always good to talk about other things too! 🙂

  6. WAHOO ! Ooh, fancy! Paper Fury is such a unique name, it is your complete essence! Seriously the perfect name for your blog! (and I love the writerly posts you include in there too, by the way) WELL THANKS!

  7. I cannot dance for my life and theatre is one of my WORST traits but I LOVE them anyway and I like this new change 🙂 Aha, AND PRO PUN FOREVER (because what’s life without a little pun) GET IT (that was terrible I apologise)

  8. I think adding in lifestyle stuff is AWESOME! 😀 That’s actually a huge reason I changed my blog name to “Paper Fury” (it used to be Notebook Sisters) because I wanted something definitely bookish, but also able to be anything if I wanted it to be. SO I SAY HUZZAH AND GO YOU!! 😀 I’m excited to read aaaaall your posts.

  9. I love watching ballet! I’ve only been to one or two performances of them but I adore musicals and theaters and I think it’ll be a great and unique twist for your blog 😄

  10. Woohoo!! I am so excited to see the new blog! You will absolutely rock at blogging about ballet and books! It’s such a unique combo! I also adore your new name, Bookerina! I am so excited, Becca

  11. I’m not huge on theater or dancing, but I fully support this! I’m all about adding lifestyle to blogs so they can be more personal. 😀 And I love “The Bookerina!” It’s so fun! 🙂

  12. YAY I MISSED YOU TOO! It means so much to hear that, it makes me even more excited for the upcoming changes! Yeah, that’s totally how I am too. Why go into a blogging slump when you could just blog for a bit about something else, right?

  13. I’ve missed you on the blogosphere Becca!!!!!! And I’m so down with lifestyle posts. I’m a very mood type of blogger and if I dont feel really inspired or passionate about a post or its contents, I will not write it and a lot of times I feel more passionatw about movies, TV shows etc. So I wholeheartedly support this change =)

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