How to Get the Originality Fairy to Bless Your Posts | Book Blogging 101

There are essentially 45,990,382,819 (more or less) bloggers out there. They’re all bursting with bookishness, what they’re not all bursting with is creativity and personality. Don’t be an average book blogger, friends. Be yourself. (Unless you’re Liam Neeson) Use your own unique ideas. (Unless they’re absolute rubbish) 

Essentially, chums, simply be me. 

It all begins with the title, bud. Allow me to demonstrate: 

Good heavens this is boring:

Throne of Glass Review


May Book Haul

YASS I’d click that link:

Throne of Glass | HOW TO BE A SASSY ASSASSIN 101


Demon Fae & Egotistical Gods {It’s a Book Haul, Baby!}

You could have the most tedious subject in the world, and yet get thousands to visit the post simply because of a groovy title. Deception is a sweet, sweet thing.

Take a look at the list below. Could you, perhaps, pinpoint what the all have in common?

  • WWW Wednesday #8229
  • Top Ten Tuesday Songs that Should be Books
  • Taylor Swift Book Tag


Okay. Yes. Weekly memes and book tags are fine. Great even, they can be so fun! I myself do participate in  Top Ten Tuesday from time to time. But you really have to be careful with these posts—they’re the love triangles of book blogging…very overdone. If you’re going to do them, make them seem special, make readers irresistibly attracted to them. 

So…what can you post? 

Sit down. Grab a pen. Write a list of your hobbies/interests, those that are entirely un-bookish. See my list below:

  • Ballet
  • Broadway
  • Disney

You’ve got your list, now how do you use it? If you’re obsessed with Les Miserables, write the soundtrack as books. (Well…don’t. I already did it. I’m just examplifying.) Love making jewelry? Make a post about jewelry recommendations for your favorite book characters.

Don’t forget discussion posts. Discussions posts always inspire arguments intellectual thingys. Just remember: the more original, the better. Try to steer clear from overdone posts—such as insta-love, a discussion I have actually done because I’m pathetic HAHA. 

 You don’t have to write about just books. In fact, your blog will seem way more original if you add more flair! For example:

Your blog should reflect not only who you are, but the person you want to be. So just go for it, chums. Because there is creativity inside of you. I am sure of it. You just have to look. If that doesn’t work, then try listening. Or something. 


Has the originality fairy helped you, friends? Are you inspired? Shall you take over the world? Do you have any advice to share?

40 thoughts on “How to Get the Originality Fairy to Bless Your Posts | Book Blogging 101

  1. That was not my intention, I was merely trying to point out how unique your post was, I love reviews and book hauls too.

  2. While I appreciate your comment and thank you for it, I don’t think quite grasped my intent in this post. I created this post to inspire others to creativity, not to inspire them to talk about how bad blog posts with reviews and hauls are

  3. Yeah, other book blogs aren’t nearly as interesting as yours is. You’re right, we need creative headlines and creative content, everyone else is just posting reviews and hauls.

  4. The best post I’ve read on a book blog so far, really! Those were some great tips and it sparked so many ideas, thank you!

  5. Lovely post, lovely blog ideas. Honestly, the hardest thing for me and my sister when we co-blog is finding the TIME. (Agh, that word is death!) I mean, a ratio of 5 months to 4 posts….*dies in mortification*

  6. Great tips, especially the last ones! I do tend to remember certain blogs because of their originality and how they stand out from other blogs. Also another important aspect is the appearance, the theme of the blog 😄

  7. Thanks! Don’t we all. No problem! Just jazz it up! I personally there is no way you can go over the top, not when it comes to blogging.
    Aw, I’m sorry to hear that! Please, go for it! Prim and proper for blogging—well it’s just not as great as a post with jokes mixed in. So be yourself 🙂
    You are too sweet!

  8. Such great tips, I definitely need the originality fairy. Boy are my titles boring, I always want to throw little comments and jokes in my post but I second guess myself and go for how should I call it… ‘prim and proper’?
    My anxiety is always in my ear like nobody wants to read that or you’re going to sound stupid, I need to start being more original and letting myself flare through my writing I reckon.

    I’m bowing down to you, blog tip queen!

  9. There are a lot of creative peeps in this community and sometimes it can be really hard to keep up!! I definitely have been trying to infuse my personality into my blog. But coming up with new & interesting stuff can be a never-ending battle…. but also a really fun battle!!

  10. I love how you’ve incorporated your own tips into this post’s title! Imagine the irony if it was called “Tips on How to be Original”. 😛 I always strive to be more creative in posts and things but sometimes it’s really hard!! ESPECIALLY when you’re in a blogging slump like we are.

  11. Such great tips! I definitely need to use the more creative title cause my titles are like textbook subtitles lol.
    This one’s pretty simple but just reading different books than just the hyped ones add a lot to your blog especially when you’re doing tags.

  12. What a wonderful and creative post, I love it! I do think that, with so many bloggers, there’s always a way to get creative and original, and, well, just be yourself! 🙂 I love your tips, and wow you quoted me, I feel famous and so honored, you’re so sweeet thank you! ❤

  13. I adored reading this post. 😀
    It’ straight to the point and funny at the same time *applauds you*
    I try to be a little bit original -though most of the time failing hehe- but I’m still trying to find my footing as a blogger.
    I have a couple post series, things, stuffs, ideas that I would want to work on, but hommie got no time. I’ll be free of school in less than a month, and that’s when I’ll really work on making my blog 100% at my image.
    Thank you for sharing some tips ❤

  14. Really great post. 🙂 Have to agree with you about originality, it’s your own blog after all. The originality fairy-great name! Blessed my humble book blog with my amazing poetry prowess just to add abit extra to it. 🙂

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