Unanswered Bookish Questions! (So Basically ENDLESS AGONY)

The side effect of reading is curiosity. And the side effect of curiosity is UN-ENDING AGONY BECAUSE NO ONE CARES.

(Except Google. Google cares.)

So here’s a list, a short one, mind you. It tells of all the unaswered bookish questions a bookish person might have. Specifically me. 

However, it doesn’t have a single answer. Because LOL I DON’T KNOW EITHER.

  • Where is old book perfume? How do I buy old book perfume? OLD BOOK PERFUME???
  • Why is it that I spend more on bookmarks than Kim Kardashian does on earrings and yet every time I need to stop reading, an old receipt/a pen/a banana/a decaying body ends up between my pages instead?
  • How to kill reading slump except without violence or any movement because lol all I want to do is take a nap? How?
  • How to host funerals for fictional characters?
  • How to track down authors and force answers to unanswered questions out of their smug little mouths?
  • How to eat Nutella and also read? Without apocalyptic mess??
  • How to make a book a personal pet? What food does it need? Is a cage required?
  • How to make a dress out of books? 
  • How to not get arrested for stealing books?
  • Are dead fictional characters in heaven?
  • Can I make my dog eat read books?
  • Are books tasty? Or should I add whipped cream?
  • How to memorize my favorite books? All the words? All of them?

Do YOU have answers to any of these questions? TELL ME, CHUMS! I NEED CLOSURE! How many bookmarks do you have? Do you read and eat or have you given up? Have you trained your dog to read?


18 thoughts on “Unanswered Bookish Questions! (So Basically ENDLESS AGONY)

  1. Becca I think we need to have a serious conversation if you use decaying bodies as bookmarks. Do you want to get caught and end up in prison?! You wouldn’t be able to go to bookstores anymore and I don’t think they’d let you order them online! Seriously though, all of these! I need answers

  2. Hahahaha…I am sorry but I can’t help you with these answers. LOL. You could always bury the book for a book character’s funeral, but that would also be just as horrifying as the character dying. Great post!

  3. Omg haha I love this post! I like to think that all my favorite dead fictional characters are together and are having a party or drinking tea somewhere. Haha. 😂😂

  4. I’m sure some of this can be resolved with money. Lots and lots of money. For example: pay for casket, place book in casket, hire stand-ins. Boom funeral.

    Surprisingly, when I had to return a book purchased online to the store (re: it was damaged), they swapped it for another copy without even scanning it or anything and I just walked right now. So I’m not saying you can actively steal books like that but it makes you wonder…

  5. Ahaha I love this XD
    I’m the same with bookmarks, my train ticket is always my bookmark yet I have so many around my room?! are they for display or am I ever going to use them? who knows haha!

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