Favorite Starbucks Drink in Hand? There’s a Book Genre to Match!

Finding your favorite Starbucks drink is easy enough, but searching for a book genre to match? Why, Quantam Physics is practically simpler!

Not to fear, chums. My handy list is about to make your life much easier, much sweeter, and much more caffeinated.

Are you a fan of that bursting bubble of icy sweetness in your mouth? Then why not have the same flavor in your books!

Some fluffy contemporary books are for you, friend! 

If you crave a sohpistcated drink with a subtle sweetness, have a taste of a few historical fiction books. 

When your literature takes you into history, it often soaks you in intelligence and romance as well.

Mmm, the warmth and comfort of the white chocolate mocha leads your taste buds on an bursting, heated adventure as you sit by the fire.

Do you know how to mimic such emotions? Just read a high fantasy novel! 

Night and day, you crave a serious and intense taste that can keep up with your mind. Not to fear, chums. Horror is the genre for you!

You’d like something cold and strong, of course, but with a touch of sweetness, of humor. 

That’s why you’ve been made for the supernatural genre!

What genre shall you be reading next thanks to this amazing, holy, worship-worthy helpful list? Or is it the other way around, do you have a couple new Starbucks drinks to order? What would you choose to complete this list? Have your read any of the books featured or drunken and drinks listed? 


20 thoughts on “Favorite Starbucks Drink in Hand? There’s a Book Genre to Match!

  1. […] Becca and Books compares your favorite Starbucks drink to your favorite genre. Mine was pretty accurate, although my favorite Starbucks drink just alternate with seasons. I have said before when I did The Coffee Book Tag that I can’t get enough peppermint mocha between Thanksgiving and Christmas. […]

  2. This is so cute, you should definitely do more similar posts to this with other food !!

  3. Very creative! I love this, but my contemporary romance reader self couldn’t stomach a cotton candy frap. It just sounds…ew. I would do a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew, though! 🙂

  4. Combining two of my favourite things in one post! I tend to pair my usual vanilla latte with just about anything but I couldn’t agree more with your choices.

  5. Great post! Very creative and fun and the parings are spot on. White chocolate mocha is my favorite Starbucks drink and Throne of Glass is my favorite book.

  6. I agree with the dark roast & the cotton candy choice! I’m horror and contemporary all the way, although I get tired of the same genre after a while, so I’m all over the place. This was a fun post! 🙂

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