Book Nerd Bites #2 | Baking Wizardry with HARRY POTTER :D

Welcomeeee, Ladies and Gentlemen, to the original monthly feature: Book Nerd Bites! And let’s not forget the creators, the wonderful Cyra, the lovely Kristie, the magical Natasha, the bodacious Valerie, and me, Becca (!) as part of the Book Blogger Creativity Project hosted by Nori of ReadWriteLove28. Every month we’ll be sharing recipes to the most savory dishes inspired by our favorite books. Join in, chums! Just make sure you link back to our post and use #booknerdbites on social media 🙂


No joke, chums! It’s within you! And if you flip through page upon page of Harry Potter, you’ll find that countless creamy and scrumptious inspirations lie waiting. 

So find yourself an enchanted pair of cooking gloves, because today we’re making Golden Snitch Cake Pops!!

  • One box of good ‘ol cake mix (flavor of your choice)
  • Eggs, oil, or whatever your cake mix requires to bake that cake 😀
  • A spoonful or two of frosting (vanilla is my favorite, but choose whatever floats your boat)
  • Butterscotch chips
  • White chocolate chips
  • Lollipop sticks/Bamboo skewers
  • Wax paper

  1. First, put your white chocolate chips on the stove, and watch them magically melt before your very eyes! 
  2. Then, trace the melted chips into wing shapes on wax paper. Let them cool and harden (magically) in the fridge.
  3. Bake that cake! Just follow the instructions on the cake mix box.
  4. TIME FOR SOME MAGICAL FUN! Crumble that cake right up in a bowl.
  5. Mix in one or two spoonfuls of frosting till the cake can be molded into balls. DON’T GO OVERBOARD.
  6. Mold the cake-frosting-mix-thing (I’ve certainly got a magical way with words!) into ping-pong sized balls. 
  7. Place the balls onto their sticks/skewers then into the fridge to firm themselves. Magically, of course.
  8. Now, melt the butterscotch chips. Careful, such magic can leave young wizards in a state of shock. 
  9. Dip the cake pops into the melted butterscotch. Yuuuuuum!
  10. Stick the white chocolate wings into your cake pops before the butterscotch is dry.
  11. Stick those babies in the fridge to commence the magic cooling process.


There’s no doubt about it, you’re a baking wizard! These cake pops will magically, ya know, just somehow just fly right into your mouth. It must be magic, really.

What Harry Potter themed snacks have you devoured? What’s your favorite food mentioned in the series? Are there any other book-inspired baked goods you’ve got in mind?


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