LIBRARIES!!! Why Do We Hate ‘Em? {Pros + Myths Busted}


Bookworms: I have zero dollars and zero cents.

Libraries: It’s okay! You can read this book! All the books! FOR FREE!



Bookworms, including my fabulous self, loooooove to complain about being broke. But do we just wander over to our local library and happily borrow a book? Nope! We just continue complaining πŸ™‚

So why? Now, before we examine the bookworm’s brain, let’s list the reasons why you SHOULD love your bodacious library!

  • THE BOOKS ARE FREER THAN THE AMERICAN SOUL. No cash. No stress. Just you and your words.
  • If you began a bookish journey and end it in a state of bitter terror at what you have just read, no worries! The evil book won’t mock you from your shelves, you can just return it. And you’ve not wasted a cent from that precious piggy bank of yours.
  • The environment. I don’t believe there is a place upon God’s green earth more vibrantly blissful than a library. Stacked and scattered books, boisterous calm, it’s simply the perfect place to learn and explore new worlds.

  • Free internet access! Now I know what you’re thinking, Becca, you’re a nutty coconut, I have Internet access at home! Okay! Cool! But sit that sweet, privileged little booty of yours down, because you, like me, are lucky. A poor child needs the library to complete  homework, a homeless man needs the library to apply for a job. Do you want the poor and homeless to be education-less and homeless forever? No? SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY!!
  • Every library book has a vivacious history. And you don’t even know what it is! But that only stimulates your imaginationβ€”maybe a giggling, gossipy girl read excerpts to her chums at lunch, perhaps a grandmother from Egypt glided through this novel with gumption along side her grandkids. Isn’t that incredible? The conversations others have had with books? 
  • It’s not just about books, there are bounds of clubs and activities! From writing classes to coding lessons, you will neverrrrrr be bored!

  • Myth #1: Authors don’t benefit if you check their book out of the library.

Uh…no? This just isn’t true! I’ll just let bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater set ya straight:

  • Myth #2: All the library stuff is 27282% free!

Yes. To the reader. But the library has to buy the books through funds that keep on decreasing. 

So do your library a favor! Simply checking out a book helps a loooooot.

Due to my bookishness and supposedly incredible analyzing skills, I have taken the task of analyzing the bookish opinions on libraries. Yay me!

  • Reason 1: Bookworms are very possessive creatures and very much like to keep ALL THE BOOKS. 
  • Reason 2: Library books are often in painful conditions, and “OCD” bookworms just can’t take it. (But remember, friends, it’s the quality of the words that make up the worth of the book, not the quality of the spine)
  • Reason 3: Bookworms are forgetful fiends and can’t be bothered with remembering when to return a book.
  • Reason 4: Ahh, good ‘ol laziness. You have to go alllll the way to the library to get a book then alllll the way back again to return it. It’s simply not convenient, and bookworms can’t be bothered with that mess.

Basically: Possessiveness, “OCD”, Forgetfullness, Laziness.

So…everything keeping us bookworms from libraries are essentially negative traits. Whoops!

So I call on you, my bookish nutters, to improve on your “faults,” help out your community, and support a magical organization that MUST NOT DIE.

Or, I mean, do whatever you want. It’s your life.

What do you adore/despise about libraries? What are your bookish faults? Did you already have thes library myths busted? What are some other library myths you feel must be corrected? CHAT WITH ME, BUDDIES!


34 thoughts on “LIBRARIES!!! Why Do We Hate ‘Em? {Pros + Myths Busted}

  1. Oh, I love this comment! Really? Ya mean it?? You’re too kind, you’re making me blush 😊 I’m so glad you like the myth busters! They’ve randomly gotten a lot of love (much to my surprise) so do you have any requests for other bookish mythbusters?

  2. Oh, I love this post! XD Becca, I always enjoy reading what you write. Especially myth busters! This is so true; I absolutely adore my library but I’ve started to buy tons more books lately. And my books are always late, so the fines are astronomically high.

  3. I really don’t and it makes SOB myself to sleep. Reallyyy??? Which particular bloggers? I must find them and blackmail them into befriending me!
    OH true. Bookstagrammers have got to have those perfect, pretty books! That totally makes sense.
    I’m guilty of that as well…I JUST WANT TO HAVE ALL THE BOOKS TO MYSELF.

  4. I’m actually surprised that you don’t see a lot of book bloggers going to the library! I feel like a lot of who I interact with do, haha. But yeah, borrowing a book and reading it doesn’t equal to ‘owning’ it.

    I’m not on Bookstagram and happily read books in less than pristine condition because I have no need to take pics of it, but I suspect that’s also why people want to own their own books. Also, it’s a pleasure to see your own bookshelves grow. I’m a HUGE library user myself but I can’t deny I buy those that I really, really love. πŸ˜›

  5. YAYAYAY, somebody loves libraries as much as I do! I actually used the library MUCH more back two years ago when I wasn’t so involved in the book community–which made me start buying books. I’m trying to get back into checking out library books, though, so this is a great post for that! ❀

  6. Well you are just a pocketful of sunshine! I completely agree, libraries shall never die! With readers roaming, there’s always a fun chat destined at the library. And all the clubs! Ahh the library is actually just one big adventure!

  7. THIS COMMENT IS AMAZING! No…libraries…near…you…? It physically hurt me to read of such an atrocity. Petition to your city government! I support ya, sista!
    Wellll at least you’ve got your school πŸ™‚
    Mean librarians? You’ve got those? I’ve never actually met one!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It’s long comments like this that bring all the sunshine to my day!
    I completely forgot that point, you are so right! Most of the books I get from the library are veryyyy hidden gems, and finding them brings so much happiness! It’s especially great when you’re a blogger and can share your new find with others.
    It’s my pleasure! I really hope more turn to the library, too πŸ™‚

  9. I spent so long avoiding libraries because: ‘possessive reader problems’ I HAD TO OWN ALL MY DELICIOUS BABIES. It wasn’t until a while ago that I got a library card and SO MUCH DELIGHT! There are books everywhere FOR FREE and the amount of books I have been meaning to read for a LONG TIME have finally been read! I am now in love with libraries ❀ Lovely post! Enjoyed this one so much! πŸ™‚

  10. I can never return library books on time! I’m notoriously forgetful but I love the library. This is a bad combination. However, I keep taking out books in the hopes that I will read them eventually and then return them unread like easily 50% of the time. Great post! A lot of fun!

  11. I love my library now more than ever. I can check out digital copies of a book or audiobook from the comfort of my own home. And, if I forget to return it, it returns itself!

  12. LOL YOUR POSTS MAKE MY DAY! One thing I hate about the library is whenever I read I sometimes get busy, so I have to put the book down. When I finally come back to it, I realize its either overdue or I have to return it soon. THEY NEVER GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME TO THOROUGHLY ENJOY THE LITERATURE.

  13. my school library was my second home. i spent countless hours just sitting there reading whatever i could find.

  14. Brilliant post! Everything about this does feel true, especially the laziness part lol. But I love the library for a few reasons, I’m almost always broke myself and I don’t have enough space in my house for /another/ bookshelf so borrowing books has actually helped me prioritise my book wishlist! After reading something, forming my opinions on it and whether or not I’d read it again, I’ll probably buy it in a bookshop because, yes, I am also a very possessive book lover.
    I think it also helps bookworms find old, underrated books! And new, less hyped ones, too. There are a lot of hidden gems in the library and I love taking a dip out of my comfort zone sometimes and take a leap to read something I normally wouldn’t pick up or see in a book store since it’s a few years old. I’ve actually found some great books this way and they’ve sent me on a quest to find more books I hadn’t heard of and I can expect to be completely surprised!
    Thank you for this post, I really hope more people can support libraries. I’ve just finished volunteering with them, and let me tell you, the access to all those books was a dream! Though it did hurt my OCD pride to see the shelves how they are. But libraries can surprise you and I’ve also met new friends and fellow book lovers in there! It’s just as magical a place as bookstores~

  15. THIS POST IS AMAZING! I don’t have any libraries near where I live, but my old school has some fiction books in the library. I’d love to borrow books if only there’s any library around my place, it’s such an amazing place and the books are FREE! I don’t mind the horrible book condition, what I hate is sometimes the librarian is really unfriendly 😦 Those kind of librarians are the worst, they make me scared to actually borrow books because I had to interact with them…

  16. Great post!
    Right now, I live pretty far from an library, so I don’t go as much as I’d like. But I grew up at the library, and I love them. My preferred way to buy books is actually to check them out from the library, and buy them if I live them enough.

  17. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I’m currently working on my MLS degree and I cannot agree enough! Libraries are so wonderful and while being able to check out all the books is a nice bonus, libraries have so much more to offer! Everyone should go explore their local library!!!!!!!!

  18. I loved this post and almost all the books I review are from my local library. GO LIBRARIES!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This post just blew me away Becca! I agree with everything you be said here and then some. You can now also borrow ereaders at most libraries now and many of them have also teamed up with Overdrive so you can borrow ebooks for free! There’s also something about walking into a library that’s like greeting an old friend. Theres the books, but its also tnhe fellow bookworms that you can discuss your latest favorite read with. Theres all the free programming for kiuds and adults! So, to anyone who says libraries are on their way out I say Pfft! Not gonna happen!

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