The Complete and Very Scientific Analysis of the Bookish Brain!

The brain of the bookish monster is a mysterious and dangerous force. But, the mighty ME has decided to take a step towards the betterment of mankind and analyze the bookish brain. HOW???



Analysis of the Right Bookish Brain!

  • 18% Creating stupendous insults to be applied to book haters. The perks to avid readership are plentiful, but the very best is an incredible collection of imaginative insults! These insults can then be creamed in the faces of the nastiest book haters. Yahoo!


  • 26% Re-decorating bookshelves into THE MOST BEAUTIFUL ART. Every bookworm is an artist. A bookshelf artist, specifically. From color codes to stacked constructions (definitely as architecturally significant as the Eiffel Tower and the Great Wall of China), beautiful bookshelves are not to be undermined.
  • 53% Trying to make everyone ever read their favorite book. There is nothing lonelier than devouring a magical and devilish darling tale ALL BY YOURSELF. Ergo, a bookworm spends much of their time endeavoring to convert friends to their most beloved book. This, chums, is far more difficult than it seems. It takes a talented tumbling of words to give an alluring synopsis and a great physical strength to slam books into people’s faces. LOTS OF CREATIVE PLANNING, MY FRIENDS.


  • 167631% Relocating to their favorite bookish worlds. Reality is dumb. Books are not.


Analysis of the Left Bookish Brain!

  • 21% Measuring how many more books they can buy before another bookshelf must be purchased. Lots of books = lots of bookshelves. If you’re a poor bookworm, it’s all good. Just use your bed, kitchen cabinets, bathtub, TV stand, BASICALLY EVERYTHING as a bookshelf.
  • 38% Tallying the number of pages they can sneak in between classes/through work. Reading is a grave commitment. Is there ever a suitable excuse for not reading? NO. Got school? Tough luck. 5 minutes between classes = 5 minutes of reading.


  • 59% Calculating how much money they can spend on books. A.k.a. basically the only math a bookworm will ever use.
  • 4465384% Teaching other bookworms bookish tips and tricks. The book community is full of helpful buddies! There’s always logical and analytical posts floating around, helping chums to become better bookworms.

Did I accurately analyze your adorable little bookish brain? HA what a silly question of course I did it’s SCIENCE. But what else is swirling around in your right and left hemisphere?



20 thoughts on “The Complete and Very Scientific Analysis of the Bookish Brain!

  1. And you are always writing the sweetest comments! Hehe I’m such a super scientist 😝 ME TOO!! I was invited to my sister’s housewarming party…and then I sat on her bed and read Harry Potter the whole time!

  2. Oh Becca you are always writing such creative posts! 😂 And YES omg this totally explains everything. I am always trying to sneakily read a few pages during class, on a journey and sometimes even at a party 🙈 because like you said reality is dumb. Books are not.

  3. Thanks! Aahh yes my science is so flawless. LOLL JK. True! Being a bookworm takes lots of math skills. And space! Like I sleep on the floor so my books can have the prime spot hahaha. That’s true, if it’s an assigned book I’m a LOT less likely to plow through it.


  5. I love this, I’m always trying to workout how many pages I get fit in before i’m cutting it too close to get to work or how much I can read on my dinner! I also stare at my wage slip each month thinking ‘I wonder how many books I can buy’.

  6. Haha this was SO great, I loved it, and kind of accurate indeed. I am ALWAYS thinking about how many books I can buy, and I got too much of these already and not enough bookshelves so my room is like drowning under books, EVERYWHERE haha. And I’d use any excuse to read a couple more pages, but that really depends on what book I am reading, and if I’m obsessed with it or if it’s just a “meh” read. Fantastic post! ❤

  7. All these are SO accurate! Especially reading between your classes one! My friends are so exasperated with me reading and not spending time with them 😛

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