Bookish Ouija Board! (Prepare to be SPOOKED)



YOU’RE SO SCARED, RIGHT? I know, I know. I’ve been told I’m a truly intimidating person. It’s alright. Dry your eyes, calm your beating heart, and prepare yourself—you’re going to be just as spooked throughout this whole post, cause it’s bookish ouija board time!

We’re going to be communicating with the spirit bookish world! But don’t you fret, I’m not choosing dead bookish characters so you won’t be spoiled for a single thing 😉


Captain Thorne of the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer

Captain Thorne is a rather silly fellow and he’d be massive fun to communicate with via ouija board because:

  • He’d gift us with nonsensical phrases just to see our aghast expressions. (OH come on. That’s funny.)
  • ALL THE JOKES. Good ‘ol Throne’d have us laughing from the first hello to the last goodbye.
  • He’d teach us his ways, of course! Like how to steal a space ship. Good stuff.


Cather Avery of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

I know that a plethora of my blogging buddies could use the help of Cath’s worship-worthy writing skills for NaNoWriMo! Plus we could:

  • Fangirl (hehe) about ALL THE BOOKS. ALL THE WORDS.
  • Relate! Cath leads the Club Of Relatable Bookish Chums. It’s true.


Apollo of The Trials of Apollo by Rick Riordan

(Did ya really think I would write an entire post and not mention a Rick Riordan book? LOL.)

Now, Apollo is a MUST-CONTACT:

  • Apollo is the god of poetry. I fail at poetry. (I lack the rhythm) I must, however, master the talent for APLit, so I might as well gather some tips from one of godly talent.
  • Apollo is a god!!! Now, I was born mortal but clearly destined to be the goddess of goddessness. The trouble is, no one will teach me how to be a god. (They giggle instead. PSHH. As if it’s a laughing matter.) Hopefully, Apollo would guide me.
  • Apollo also has had miserable, mortifying experiences as a mortal. I have as well. We can find strength in each other. 😉


After gossiping with all your bookish chums, the ouija board rule is  you must say goodbye. If you don’t, the channel will remain open and spirits can slink through. However, this is a bookish ouija board. Instead of spirits, it would be bookish characters traveling through to our world. WHICH IS EPIC. So absolutely DON’T SAY GOODBYE hehehe 😉 (watch us get Voldemort lol)

Let’s chat, bud! What characters would you hope to chat with through the ouija board? What would you ask them? What spooky things are you embarking on this Halloween? Have you ever used an actual ouija board? DID YOU DIE?

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26 thoughts on “Bookish Ouija Board! (Prepare to be SPOOKED)

  1. Wahoo! Thanks, Denise 😊
    YES THE QUEEN OF COURSE. (hahahah my friend is the same way—I’d actually love to play with one and be creepy but my friend refuses to join me because “THE SPIRIT IS NOT SOMETHING YOU PLAY WITH”) Haha that’s exactly what she would say 😂

  2. Ahh Becca I loved this post so much! I would really love to talk to Izzy Lightwood – although it would be super creepy (I will never use a ouija board in my life, I’ve watched too many horror films for that thanks), it would be fun! I have no idea what she’d say… she’d probably tell me to piss off and stop talking to her spirit? Sounds about right?

    Denise | The Bibliolater

  3. This is such a creative post, I had a lot of fun reading it. I would love to chat with Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius, Lupin, Lily and James.

  4. IT WOULD BE THE BEST. Oooh I didn’t even think about that! True, there’s so many infuriating characters *cough* AMERICA SINGER *cough* that I would love to interrogate. Are you doing NaNo? WAHOO! Do you have your story yet?

  5. Well… you see… my friend and I were just fooling around. We didn’t think anything would REALLY happen. But we went to this abandoned house in the woods one night with our ouija board. Supposedly this house was haunted (we didn’t really believe that) but we wanted to see for ourselves anyway. So we went. We started asking the board questions. Ya know, the usual. “Are there any spirits here that would like to communicate with us?” And all that jazz. But nothing happened. We were starting to get frustrated. Which I think may have pissed off the ghosts. We started teasing and taunting the spirits, telling them they were scared to come out and talk to us. Pretty much, we told them they were pu**ies. I said, “Prove to us you’re here and make something move, or are you too chicken sh*t?” Well that was a really bad idea… because all of a sudden, the fire poker from the fireplace shot straight forward and through my head, straight through my eyeball. And I died, so I guess I learned not to screw with the ouija board and the spirits. Anywho. Yeah. So. Yeah…☠️☠️🤕

  6. This is so cool! I wish this were a real thing so long as the characters didn’t actually die, but that you could talk to them between our world and theirs

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