The Snazziest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of November 2016 {Book Blogging 101}

‘Tis the season to be jolly FALALALALA of NaNoWriMo, elections, turkeys, parades, and crazy shopping deals.

And, of course, ’tis ALWAYS the season of book blogging.

With all the bustling, motivating yourself to settle down, brew a cup of coffee, and blog blog blog can sure be tough. Not to fret! I’ve compiled and delightful delight of book blogging prompts—you can’t even help but be inspired!




No need to worship me as your Book Blogging Lord or anything, a simple shrine thank you will do.

Remember Chums:

  • This blog right here is alllll about the originality. So while you’re 275% free to copy and paste a prompt into your blog title, try to gain inspiration and add your own, unique twist.
  • I WANNA SEE ALL YOUR POSTS. So if you’re inspired by any of these prompts, please link me to your delightful writings so I may shower them with adoration.

Any other Book Blogging 101 tips you’re searching for? Have any book blogging prompts for this month? Leave them below for all friends to devour! Are you inspired by any of these prompts? Got a GIF reaction? 😀

Happy Blogging!






22 thoughts on “The Snazziest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of November 2016 {Book Blogging 101}

  1. Damn it Becca I had already built you a shrine. The only thing left to do now is to build you a temple *nods* Anyway these are so cute! Are you going to do them yourself too? 🙂

  2. WHOAAAA this is so nice of you to be sharing post ideas! ❤ I'd love to have Leigh Bardugo and VE Schwab over for dinner because I'm basically obsessed with their books and also they're FUN (at least from what I see on twitter) 😛

    Thank you for visiting Sparkling Letters earlier 🙂

  3. I HAVE TO DO THIS! I’LL CREDIT YOU ALSO BECAUSE THESE ARE AMAZING!👍🏻 I may do the characters that I would rather vote for in the election or authors that I would like to invite for Thanksgiving dinner, but I may change authors to fictional characters.☺️

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