How to Remember Things Via Science: Book Series Edition

Hi, I’m Becca! I suffer from book series memory loss ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

All book-bosomed buddies know the agony:

Book 1 releases. You read book 1. You love book 1!

One year later: Book 2 releases. You begin book 2. But then you realize:


How the heavens are we, hard-working, worn out ‘lil bookworms expected to remember everything from book 1 when when read book 2? Or book 3 or book 4?

Well, my coconut-crusted chums, I’ll tell ya how with the help of my handy friend: SCIENCE!!!



  • When your yummy novel runs right into the VERY BEST PART, it sure is tempting to ignore sleep forever and read read read. Alas! No! Staying up ruins memory, so if you wanna retain every detail of such a scrumptious book for when you devour the sequel, GO TO BED.


  • Handy dandy research supplies a handy dandy fact: physical practice is the handy dandiest way to remember. So gather folks and friends and feisty ferrets. You’ll need them all when you re-enact your favorite bookish scenes!



  • Science says “studying different kinds of information in a single session leads to better retention.” Ya know what that means? When it comes to reading and memory, literary polygamists have it best! So the next time you begin to belittle those caressing multiple book lovers at a time, remember that they’ll remember all the bitty series details while you forgot everything aboutย book 1ย whenย book 5ย was released.


  • โ€œTalking to someone about what youโ€™ve been studying is a great way to see exactly how much you really know about it,โ€ says our darlingly qualified memory expert. So when you’ve finished the most delightful tale, CHAT ABOUT IT WITH EVERY FOLK. Bounce onto your parent’s bed and gab about the idiocy of the book’s protagonist. Meeting a friend for coffee? Then skip the small talk and dive right into the vivid political schemes jiving around the pages of the book. Mailman at the door? Force invite him in for crumpets and sob over your ship with him. (Though I’ve noticed my house has hardly received any mail after this event)I-just-finished-the-most-wonderful-story-1.gif
  • If none of these scientifically-proven tips boost your memory, not to fret! That’s what the wondrously useful site Book Series Recaps is for. Sara and Stacy (simply stunning ladies, really) readily recap reads for adoring little bookworms everywhere. So when book 5 releases and you’ve forgotten everything about book 1, one of these gals will be ready to jog your memory. How considerate!


science1 What scientific reading tips are you hiding? For example, has science showed you the path to importing characters from books to our world? Or have you unlocked the physics to diving our human form into bookish worlds? IF so, SHARE YOUR SECRETS!! LET US PROSPER TOGETHER!! But first, just blabber with me in the comments ๐Ÿ˜Š




30 thoughts on “How to Remember Things Via Science: Book Series Edition

  1. THANK YOU BECCA AND SCIENCE. This is such a big problem. I open the book and I’m like ‘who are you’ ‘who is that’ ‘who is this’ ‘what is this’ ‘what is happening’ ‘WHY is this happening’ it’s a problem I tell you

  2. What a rich and delightful comment! Same with me, I have to review a book before I start another or I’ll jumble ’em up and FAIL.
    It sounded pretty weird to me too! You’d think multiple books would make it worse. But I guess there’s logic behind giving your brain new subjects instead of focusing it all on one topic. I mean, it’s science!

  3. GO BOOK SERIES RECAPS!! But it’s always too tragic when they haven’t recapped a book ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m with ya, sister! Memory is a cruel friend. I agree! Spoiler-y discussions imprint the bookish events.

  4. What a fun and useful post! haha I have terrible emory with books, which is why I have review most of them within a week of reading them or I’ll do a terrible job. :p
    The part about how reading multiple books at once helps you retain more information doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess I’ll trust the science. x)

  5. I write my own summaries in a word document so that I can keep it all straight. I did that so I wouldn’t have to reread books all the time because I don’t have the time. I remember things better if I write them down so it helps in that regard; but it is also nice to have something that I can look back on later ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Oooohhhh great post! I suffered from bookish memory loss ALL THE TIME! I don’t know why because when it comes to school things, my memories are pretty intact. But it’s probably because I never need to wait a year until the next book came out hahaha I usually just re-read some important parts from the previous books or ask google :’)

  7. Wonderful post, Becca, AS ALWAYS! I need to follow these tips, because well, sometimes I can’t remember A SINGLE THING about what I read, haha. It doesn’t help when we have to wait forever to get the sequel in a book series ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  8. Hell yeh for science! I’ve learned and applied these to the letter and totally agree! People should definitely apply this to their daily lives, it will do wonders in the long-term. Great list! ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Lashaan

  9. Book Series Recaps is a live saver, honestly. Even when I try the tips you’ve mentioned here, my mind is just not geared towards remembering anything beyond major plot points. Writing reviews has actually be the most helpful for remembering what happened, for whatever reason. I think I need to do more spoiler-y posts and talk about what I’m reading more though.

    That is a very smart thing to do!! I should probably listen to my own advice because I stay up veryyyy late reading…but hey, “do what I say and not what I do” lololol

    I stop reading as soon as I’m too sleepy to concentrate because I realized I forget what happened THE NEXT MORNING. What? hahahaha!
    Also, my poor little sister is my victim when I need to rant about books eventhough she never knows what I’m talking about, she listens !!

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