Bookish Resolutions: 6 Snazzy Schemes to Boost #DiverseBooks!

Delightfully, dozens and dozens of bookish chums are choosing “reading and promoting diverse books” as their 2017 resolution!


But alas, how does one promote diverse books? Are there any snazzy schemes?

Why yes! There are! With this post, I shall reveal my secrets! *mwahahaha*

If you’re confused as to why diverse literature should belong in your 2017 resolutions, please read this thoughtful post on why representation matters and this wise piece on why diverse books are essential to the education of ALL people.


  • Promote fellow advocates of diversity! With more chums championing for diverse books, a wider variety of rep will flourish. Promote this variety! Don’t know where to search? Here are a couple ‘o gems:
    • Naz @ Read Diverse Books features countless marginalized authors and dazzling diverse reads!
    • CW @ Read Think Ponder has dedicated a page of her delightful blog to delightful literature bathing in diversity!
    • Ava @ Bookishness and Tea constantly promotes diversity, like in this post listing 60 diverse novels to devour!


  • Add diverse books on goodreads! While stunningly simple, adding diverse reads to on goodreads alerts your friends + followers of them, encouraging your buddies to read these jewels.
  • Enchant with an Emma Watson or a Maggie Stiefvater! Ergo: leave diverse books around town with cutesy little notes in them! How charming!


  • Donate diverse reads (especially #ownvoices) to youth shelters and libraries in underprivileged communities. Deliver positive representation of marginalized youth to those who really need them!
  • Let’s say you’re reviewing a diverse book. WAHOO! Let’s say this specific diverse book is about a Pakistani-American girl. Is the author Pakistani-American? No? Are you a Pakistani-American reviewer? No? Then mention a review by a Pakistani-American discussing the rep. Voila! You’ve ensured readers won’t absorb harmful distortions of reality!
  • For the buzzing bookstore worker bees and the luxurious library shelving lions, create a shelf dedicated to diverse books! 

Alrighty, chums! It’s your turn. Scamper into 2017 and boost those diverse books! Let me know how it goes and discuss any of your own schemes down below. And! Of course! Recommend your favorite diverse reads ❤️


18 thoughts on “Bookish Resolutions: 6 Snazzy Schemes to Boost #DiverseBooks!

  1. Thank you for this post! ‘Then mention a review by a Pakistani-American discussing the rep. Voila! You’ve ensured readers won’t absorb harmful distortions of reality!’ < loved this one in particular as I never considered doing that before, it would also be a great way to promote other bloggers. Will keep this in mind in my future reviews.

  2. I love this post, Becca! I had an idea for a similar post, but you’ve done it so well already!
    Oh, and thank you for the shout out ❤ I love your idea of finding reviews by reviewers who share the same background as the protagonist of a book. I need to start doing that. Thanks for all these tips. 😀

  3. It is! If the rep is harmfully inaccurate, the whole point of diverse books is lost 😦 I neglected doing that for quite a while when I was sooooo ignorant on soooo many aspects of diversity. Now I’m catching up!

  4. Thank you, Puput! I’m delighted, seeing so many diverse book bloggers fills me with glee 😊Ooh that’s perfect! I need to read far more about mental illness and disability—they’re vital subjects to be educated on. I read mostly about POC but I must expand! I will certainly look up your diversity shelf on goodreads, I’m sure it’s stacked with gems. Oh that’s okay! I can’t afford it either, but I love the concept so leave little notes in my favorite diverse books in the library instead 😋

  5. Great post Becca! 😀 I’m also planning 2017 to be my diverse reading year ESP books about mental illness & disability because for some reasons I’m SUPER interested in them! 😛 I have a diverse shelf on goodreads and will continue to update it as I go, also I’d really loveeee it to be able to donate / leave diverse books around for people to pick but I sadly can’t afford it 😂😂 I’ll stick with reviewing though hahaha hope 2017 will be a better year for all of us! ❤

  6. The bit about finding reviewers w/ the same background as a character is so important! I’ve been trying to link to such reviews when reviewing books that are outside my experiences. 🙂

  7. Great Tips! I too am trying to read more diversly this year and I will definitly be using these schemes to do so!

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