About Becca

-1 Becca is a girl.

She likes to read.

She likes to write.

She likes to dance.

She likes to act.

She likes to think she’s witty.

(She is not witty.)

She likes many things.

Except Hitler.

She does not like Hitler.


180 thoughts on “About Becca

  1. YASSSS, I THINK SO TOO 😉 All the bloggers I’m meeting are so lovely!! 💕 Embarking on this dangerous quest is A+ 😎 So happy I joined!! 💖💖💖

  2. Hi Becca!!!! Nice to meet a fellow self-proclaimed witty person as well 😉 I’m just new to book blogging hehe! Hope we can be best of pals ♡ I just posted my very first blog post as well!

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