The Freshest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of January 2017

Mercy me, it’s 2017!


A popular New Year’s resolution bobbing around appears to be “blog more.” WAHOO! More blogging! Delightful! Unfortunately, inspiration can, at times, crash into a fickle little mood and lock itself in its messy little bedroom, shutting little ‘ol you out completely. What then? How can you stay loyal to your innocent resolutions?

With my fresh January Book Blogging Prompts, naturally! See here:Read More »


The Jolliest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of December 2016



And for bookish blogging folks, it’s always the bookish blogging season.

With the holidays come extremely busy bustling. One might not even have the inspiration to blog! Quelle Horreur!


Not to fret, my holly jolly gem. All I want for Christmas is for you to be a cheerful blogger! So I’ve decked this post with jolly book blogging prompts to inspire and delight.

Feast yer eyes:Read More »

The Snazziest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of November 2016 {Book Blogging 101}

‘Tis the season to be jolly FALALALALA of NaNoWriMo, elections, turkeys, parades, and crazy shopping deals.

And, of course, ’tis ALWAYS the season of book blogging.

With all the bustling, motivating yourself to settle down, brew a cup of coffee, and blog blog blog can sure be tough. Not to fret! I’ve compiled and delightful delight of book blogging prompts—you can’t even help but be inspired!

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How to Get the Originality Fairy to Bless Your Posts | Book Blogging 101

There are essentially 45,990,382,819 (more or less) bloggers out there. They’re all bursting with bookishness, what they’re not all bursting with is creativity and personality. Don’t be an average book blogger, friends. Be yourself. (Unless you’re Liam Neeson) Use your own unique ideas. (Unless they’re absolute rubbish) 

Essentially, chums, simply be me. 

It all begins with the title, bud. Allow me to demonstrate: 

Good heavens this is boring:

Throne of Glass Review


May Book Haul

YASS I’d click that link:

Throne of Glass | HOW TO BE A SASSY ASSASSIN 101


Demon Fae & Egotistical Gods {It’s a Book Haul, Baby!}

You could have the most tedious subject in the world, and yet get thousands to visit the post simply because of a groovy title. Deception is a sweet, sweet thing.

Take a look at the list below. Could you, perhaps, pinpoint what the all have in common?

  • WWW Wednesday #8229
  • Top Ten Tuesday Songs that Should be Books
  • Taylor Swift Book Tag


Okay. Yes. Weekly memes and book tags are fine. Great even, they can be so fun! I myself do participate in  Top Ten Tuesday from time to time. But you really have to be careful with these posts—they’re the love triangles of book blogging…very overdone. If you’re going to do them, make them seem special, make readers irresistibly attracted to them. 

So…what can you post? 

Sit down. Grab a pen. Write a list of your hobbies/interests, those that are entirely un-bookish. See my list below:

  • Ballet
  • Broadway
  • Disney

You’ve got your list, now how do you use it? If you’re obsessed with Les Miserables, write the soundtrack as books. (Well…don’t. I already did it. I’m just examplifying.) Love making jewelry? Make a post about jewelry recommendations for your favorite book characters.

Don’t forget discussion posts. Discussions posts always inspire arguments intellectual thingys. Just remember: the more original, the better. Try to steer clear from overdone posts—such as insta-love, a discussion I have actually done because I’m pathetic HAHA. 

 You don’t have to write about just books. In fact, your blog will seem way more original if you add more flair! For example:

Your blog should reflect not only who you are, but the person you want to be. So just go for it, chums. Because there is creativity inside of you. I am sure of it. You just have to look. If that doesn’t work, then try listening. Or something. 


Has the originality fairy helped you, friends? Are you inspired? Shall you take over the world? Do you have any advice to share?

Why Blogging is THE VERY BEST THING | Get Up Offa That Slump Blogging Extravaganza 

Today is the day. THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE BLOGGING EXTRAVAGANZA. I missed nearly all of it because as soon as performance season was over Mother Nature decided it was the best time to get the flu and almost die and re-watch every Disney movie ever. THANKS MOTHER NATURE.


Here’s the prompt: It’s THE LAST DAY. I hope you’ve enjoyed the Blogging Extravaganza and that it’s helped to give you a gentle shove back into blogging, and that it’s given you some blogging inspiration. For the last post we’re getting just a wee bit serious. Even if you’re struggling with blogging, you’re still here and you’re still doing this; there’s a reason why you don’t want to quit blogging, and you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. So tell us: Why are you still here? What makes blogging worth it? Why is it so fun and fantastic and you don’t want to let it go? Why do you love it? (And the goods outweigh the few hardships, don’t they?)


  • It’s literally another world. My “real” life and my book blogging life are kept pretty much separate, so when I blog it’s sort of like immersing myself in a separate universe. It’s so stress-relieving and and actually very exhilarating! So basically I travel through universes. And that’s why you should blog. #endofstory


  • FRIENDS. YAY. You can have blogging buddies from around the world—Morocco, India (go India!), Australia (*winks at Josie*), France (*hugs Marie*), EVERYWHERE. You broaden your perspective and you learn so much about people—it helps you to understand the whole world better. And just by blogging! Isn’t it crazy and wonderful?!
  • CREATIVITY ABOUNDS! You are so free to express yourself, to be yourself. And nobody judges! (Okay some people are probably judging but pfft it’s because they’re sad and lonely and nobody loves them anyway so just offer them some pity and move along) 
  • Books will never be the same. Sure, you can read books. But blogging about them—it’s a whole other level. You become submerged in a world that loves books, breathes books, is books. You find out the latest news the quickest, you get books before they’re even published, YOU BECOME THE BOOKS. THE BOOKS ARE YOU. 


  • Getting comments is the best thing in the world. Knowing that your work is appreciated, knowing that someone took time out of their day to talk about what you wrote, that is so indescribably magical and lovely and perfect. Even getting a simple Great post! completely brightens my day. Though, I must admit, I’ve been bummed when my posts have randomly gotten very little remarks upon them. BUT. It’s all worth it when that positive blogging friend bursts into your little blogging life!
  • IT CAN BE YOUR FREAKING JOB. No, blogging isn’t my job. But hey, it could be. You can make a living out of talking about books—um yes please! For more information, Xan @ Twirling Pages has this lovely post.
  • It leads to all kinds of bookish opportunities! If you stick with blogging and work so very hard at it, you become popular. And if you become popular, you get to do awesome things like moderate a panel at BEA. No, of course I don’t think this a reason to blog. But why is it bad to have this as a goal? No one thinks a musician is fake because they want to be famous. Moral of the story: Just love books and DREAM BIG. Then, all kinds of doors will open for you!

And that, chums, is why I blog.

Are you a non-blogger? If so, have I managed to convert you? If yes, YAY! here’s how to get started. Already a blogger? Why do you blog? How do you stay inspired? 

        Book Blogging 101 | How to Keep Blogging When You’re a Busy Bee

        Ahem. So. I had a little hiatus for a bit. Sorry about that.

        Ballet has started up, and soon I’ll be la papillon and la femme-ing my way through my local community college. Since that French course will all be in addition to my regular schoolwork, I’m going to be quite the busy bee. Ergo, this post.


         I am terrible at giving advice. Don’t listen to me ever.

        Here’s a rule I heard for NaNoWriMo that could be quite helpful in blogging as well: Don’t go to bed until you’ve finished your word count blog post. (I did not follow this rule for NaNoWriMo. I have story-commitment issues and really love sleeping)

        You could, of course, be lazy less extreme about it. Take 15-30 minutes before bed to work on your blog. No need to type up an entire polished post, but you can write a lot in half an hour. Just save it as a draft to work on it later!


        If you ever have a bunch of free time, instead of typing up a few posts and publishing them all together you can schedule them to be published throughout the week. 

        Scheduling is incredibly helpful for those of us who have short, sudden bursts of productivity followed by repulsive slothery. Scheduling is key, my friends.


        Type on the go! It’s pretty hard to write a polished, publishable post on your phone, but you can get a lot of ideas down while waiting in disgusting doctor’s offices and whatnot. Then you can just save them as a draft and make sense of all those ramblings later.

        Harry gets me.


        It’s okay to have other priorities. Sleep, school, work, family. It’s okay if those things are more important to you that blogging! But here’s the thing, if you want to be successful in blogging, if it really means something to you, then you’ll find a way to put time into it. It’s fine to skip publishing a post to watch Dancing with the Stars every once in a while, but not all the time. 

        If you really love blogging, show it. Put time into it.

        Take a break if need be! Whether you’re busy or there’s a Gilmore Girls marathon on or you just need to disconnect for a while, it’s okay to take a little hiatus. Relax. Just be careful, remember the humble little blogging community!

        Don’t take away the quality of your posts either. Don’t settle for post you know aren’t your best just because you’re busy. 

        Or do whatever. It’s your life.

        Are you a lazy busy little bee like me? How do you keep blogging when life is crazy? Is anyone going to follow my sleep tip I mean really?

        Book Blogging 101 | To Self-Host or to Not Self-Host? Plus Dobby!


        • Dobby is a free elf! By self-hosting yourself, WordPress no longer controls what you can and can’t do/use. From uploading your own custom themes (yay creativity!) to downloading plugins, there’s no limit to what you can do.


        •  You’re a very broke little Dobby and need money. You can put ads on your site and make it rain! So if you’re cast out into the world with nothing but a sock, you’ve got a back-up plan.
        • Dobby owns his blog now. You own your data and are in full control. Wahoo! You won’t be turned off because someone thinks you’re going against their terms of service unless you’re being a very naughty Dobby and doing something illegal.
          I don’t know how this post got Dobby themed but I’m not sorry.
          •  Dobby wants to be a professional. By being rather than, you look a whole lot more professional. Plus, your posts will bumped up on Google and other search engines (but who really cares about those). So if you’re interested in making blogging your profession, you should go self-hosted.

          • You’re a very poor Dobby who doesn’t even have a sock. Paying to get self-hosted with probably end up totaling to about $50 a year. However, this can be balanced with ads and such.
          • You’re just a happy little Dobby blogging for the fun of it. If you’re not very serious about blogging and are just a flailing, sock-weilding Dobby having fun, then great! I’m glad you’re happy with your life! But you should probably not self-host yourself.



          Here is a Dobby gif to distract you from my indecisiveness. You’re welcome.

          Are you the owner of a self-hosted blog who actually knows about this topic and doesn’t just distract readers with Dobby references? Or are you a struggling, indecisive Dobby like me? 


                Book Blogging 101 | How to Write Reviews Like a Queen 

                The first step to writing reviews like a queen (aka me. confidence, darling) you must plan your basic structure. I find that there are generally two main types of reviews:

                • Short and sweet. These reviews are on a strictly need-to-know basis, they essentially tell you whether you should read the book or not, careful to stay away from even the smallest spoilers. Looking for examples? See all of my reviews here: Bookish Reviews. Shameless self-promotion and I’m not even sorry.
                • Reviews twice the size of a novel. These reviews are long, really long. They tell you everything you wanted and didn’t know you needed to know. Because they’re generally going to be completely analyzing a book, these will likely include a few very minor spoilers. If you’re looking for examples, check out Joey @ thoughts and afterthoughts’ review. I don’t know he can write so much about a book. Not that I’m complaining.

                You should choose the basic structure that flatters your writing style. For example, I have the habit of taking information and squeezing it down to be explained in the fewest possible words. (Which is great when I’m have to write a one-pager, not so much when I’m assigned 20 pages.) Because of this, my reviews end up very concise. If you’re more detail-oriented and like to write about every aspect of a book, longer reviews are the right choice for you. 

                Now that you’ve got your basic structure, you’ve got to organize it.

                Example time!


                The writing was very beautiful. The action was rickety. I really got invested in the characters. Bananas! 

                I really liked the poeticness of the writing. My favorite character was Soap.


                The writing was very beautiful, I really like the poeticness of it.

                I really got invested in the characters. My favorite character was Soap.

                Unfortunately, the action was rickety.


                What I’m trying to say is whether your reviews are long or short, you need have similar ideas about the book grouped together. So instead of talking about the writing then the action then the characters then the writing then the characters, talking about the writing in one section, characters in the next, and action last.

                Bonus points for organization? Transitions!

                Example time once more!


                Writing was bad. It really made everything fake, I couldn’t enjoy it at all.

                Action was nice. Those scenes were well-thought out.


                Writing was bad. Because it made everything fake, I couldn’t enjoy it at all.

                However, the action was nice. Those scenes were well-thought out.

                Do you see what I’m saying? Transitions really make everything clearer and more organized.

                Want to go even further than transitions? Use sections!

                Example time again woohoo!


                I loved the way the writer pieced every word together, it was poetic and brilliant.

                Unfortunately, the characters weren’t well-thought out. They were one-dimensional and all alike.

                Even worse, I had significant problems with the plot. It was messy and hard to follow. By the end of the book I hardly knew what I had been reading for the last 20 pages.



                I loved the way the writer pieced every word together, it was poetic and brilliant.


                Unfortunately, the characters weren’t well-thought out. They were one-dimensional and all alike.


                Even worse, I had significant problems with the plot. It was messy and hard to follow. By the end of the book I hardly knew what I had been reading for the last 20 pages.

                Though it’s not essential, sectioning your reviews makes them even more organized.

                If you really want to take the prize home for organization then use the following tips:

                Put key words in bold or italics.

                • Use bullet lists or
                1. Numbered lists 

                Put quotes or book synopsis in highlights

                Then you’ll be the Queen Bee of organization 100% guaranteed.

                This is the most basic rule of writing reviews and also a given for you. (I hope) One time I saw a post that actually said: This review has not been proofread, sorry for the typos.

                Are you serious?

                This brings me to my new reviewing motto: Don’t proofread? Then don’t post.

                Of course we all miss a typo, I’ve done that, quite embarrassingly, numerous times. But that’s not what proofreading is about, not completely anyway. Proofreading is a symbol that you’re willing to put that extra time into your reviews, that you really want to produce the best posts you can. If you’re not willing to do that, then why have a blog? 

                Believe in yourself, because you’re a Queen Bee too! 

                When reviewing, the best thing to do is let your voice shine through. Write the way you write, analyze a book the way you analyze a book. If you try to imitate someone else or try to impress another in writing your reviews, it’s just not going to work. Let yourself shine and the rest will follow.

                Other Book Blogging 101 posts: Click Here!



                  Blogging Slumps | Book Blogging 101


                  Yes. I am currently emerged in that awful thing that all bloggers of all kinds experience.

                  A blogging slump.

                  Since school has begun, I have had a lot less time to blog. And even when I do, it’s: Meh. I don’t feel like it.

                  Not only that, I’m also in a reading slump.

                  IT’S AGONIZING.

                  Pretty much, I’m not in the mood for the book world at them moment. And guess what?

                  That’s okay!

                  Writers need a break from writing, readers need a break from reading, and bloggers need a break from blogging. It happens to all of us!

                  If you’re going through a blogging slump, I’m going to attempt to help you work through it.

                  1. Read and read and read and read

                  If you’re in a blogging slump and not in a reading slump, the best thing to do is read! Nothing inspires the  urge to blog again than finishing a fantastic book. 

                  2. Read other blogs

                  I find so many amazing blog posts in the blogosphere, and I have so much fun reading them! They really inspire me to blog again and I’m amazed by all their creativity! 

                  3. BOOKTUBE 

                  This is especially helpful if you’re in a reading slump. Booktube eases up on you with friendly, awesome videos all about books. They’re just as amazing and helpful as blogs and it’s very helpful if you’re trying to get out of a slump.

                  4. Yeah, okay. Netflix

                  You can’t be a perfect, reading/blogging fiend all the time. Relax! Sometimes you just need to let yourself spend a week of being lazy and binge watching, especially if the show happens to be The Blacklist 🙂

                  5. Just take a break

                  Nothing discourages like forcing yourself. Just let yourself take a break from all of it, forget about the book world for a bit and let yourself relax into whatever else you’re interested at the moment. Of course, it’s important not to let this get out of hand. Don’t give up! Unless, of course, your interests have just changed, which is also perfectly okay!

                  That being said, I will be continuing my hiatus a bit because I need a little break. Of course, I’ll be back!

                  In a blogging slump? Did this help? Let me know!



                  ARCs and Books Recieved from Publishers | Book Blogging 101

                  A little while back, Silanur requested I make a list of all the ARCs and books I’ve recieved from publishers for my Book Blogging 101 series. So today, I’m here to fufill that request!

                  Just so you know, the stats I had when I recieved all the books that I requested were the following:

                  Monthly Views: 1,300 

                  Monthly Unique Visitors: 330

                  Title: The Glass Arrow

                  Author: Kristen Simmons

                  Publisher: Tor Teen

                  Requested? Yes

                  Review: Click Here!

                  Title: Rook

                  Author: Sharon Cameron

                  Publisher: Scholastic Press

                  Requested? Yes

                  Review: Click Here!


                  Title: End of Days

                  Author: Susan Ee

                  Publisher: Skyscape


                  Review: Click Here!

                  Title: Hello, I Still Love You

                  Author: Katie M. Stout

                  Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books

                  Requested? Yes

                  Review: Click Here!

                  Title: Rome in Love

                  Author: Anita Hughes

                  Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

                  Requested? Sort of (They contacted me asking me if I would be interested, and I said yes)

                  Review: Click Here!

                  Title: The Glass Gauntlet

                  Author: Carter Roy

                  Publisher: Two Lions/ Amazon Children’s Publishing

                  Requested? No

                  Review: Not yet! I don’t know when I’ll get to this one. Despite the interesting premise, this is the second book in a series, and I don’t have the first on yet. But you all should definitely check it out!

                  Title: Dragon Heart

                  Author: Cecelia Holland

                  Publisher: Tor Books

                  Requested? No

                  Review: I just received this in the mail yesterday, so no review yet! The premise sounds really interesting and exciting, so I’ll definitely be getting to this soon.

                  That’s all! I hope this informed and helped you! Please comment any requests or questions!

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