Book Blogging 101 | ARCs and Stats

In case you’re more interested in hearing about how to get your book blog started, check out this post! A few people were curious about ARCs and such, so I decided to continue onto this post!


1. Like, Comment, Follow, Repeat!

As briefly mentioned in my previous Blogging 101 post, the best way to get other book blogs to notice you is to notice them. Once you find a book blog and like what you see, let them know! Like their posts, comment on them! Leave sweet, thoughtful, genuine comments, showing that you actually like their posts. Make sure you’re not commenting just because you want them to follow you.

How to find other book blogs?

Search tags on WordPress such as: yabooks, young adult books, book reviews

Find a post about a book tag or a blogger awards posts? See who’s tagged!

2. Write quality posts and write them often

Proofread. I know, it’s tedious. But it matters. I also know I’m being a little bit of a hypocrite on this one. You have no idea how many time,y mom has had to tell me about a grammatical mistake on my post!

Thank you, mom.

Here’s logic everyone should be able to understand: The more posts you have, the more posts people will see. So write lots and lots of posts!

3. Reach out

If someone is nice enough to comment on your post, comment back! Don’t just like their comment and ignore it. If you leave a nice reply, they’re more likely to come back.

Trust me, I’ve left comments on people’s posts and gotten a like in reply, which is nice! But it does give off a sort of unappreciative vibe, doesn’t it?


1. What is an ARC?

Most new bloggers have no idea what an ARC is, which is fine! Unless you were born with a book blogging lingo dictionary pre-programmed in your head, you’ll need someone to tell you what it is!

Simple ARC definition: ARC stands for Author’s Review Copy. Bloggers and booktubers can get and ARC from a publishing company before it comes out to review it or feauture it.

2. How can I get an ARC?

You have to have the stats! Publishers don’t hand out ARCs to just any blog, you must be worthy!

You should probably have about 250-300 followers at the least to get an ARC from a publisher. Though really, it’s more about the number of views and visitors you get in a month that’s more important. 

I first requested a lot of ARCs when I was at about 200 followers, but with 1,300  views and 330 individual visitors in a month. I received basically all of the ARCs I requested, so those publishers seem to appreciate those stats.

3. How do I ask a publisher for an ARC?

This was a serious struggle for me, but thankfully WordsWeHeart had this AMAZING post to help!

All the information is in that awesome post, but I’ll give you a skim of it.

First, you have to get the email of a publisher. You can do this by just going to the website of a publishing company and choosing their publicity email. The post mentioned above also has a list.

The format for the email I use is the one WordsWeHeart offers, and that’s the one I would reccomend! Honestly, her post is much more informative than this!

Don’t freak out if you don’t get an email back, some publishers just send the book!

4. What about e-ARCs?

These are much more accessible to those with not as many stats, however I don’t really like them since I really don’t like reading on and e-Reader.

Though if you are interested, NetGalley is the best and most popular place to get them!

I really hope all that helpe, please comment any questions or requests!

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Book Blogging 101 | Getting Started

Just so you know, I’m not claiming to be an experienced book blogging genius or anything like that. 

But I know many people are seeking some help in getting their book blog started, and I think I can offer a little bit of that help.

1. Finding a Blog Hosting Site

Obviously I’m in favor of WordPress, but it’s not the only one out there. Tumblr and Google can also be used, but I’m going to be honest with you. WordPress is so popular because it’s GREAT, and in my opinion, the best option. 

First, you should try just blogging for free, using the domain name (i.e. This way, you can makes sure you really enjoy it and want to stay committed to it. Then, once you’re sure you want to keep blogging, you can switch to a self-hosted site, which you can do through *ahem* WordPress. (I swear I’m not being paid to promote them or anything)

Through a self-hosted site, you can actually make money through ads, and your URL will look a lot more professional.

2. The Actual Blogging Part

So you have a blog. Now you must write in it.

Well, since this is BOOK Blogging 101, write about books. Read books, then review them. Do book tags, discussions. You’d be surprised by all the options.

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART: You have to be original. No one wants to read a post every single other book blog does. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with doing that every once in a while if it makes you happy,  but come up with your own stuff, that’s what people like to see.

3. Your Voice

Okay. I know, I just know you’re tempted to write like a self-righteous Oxford professor. But unless that’s your target audience, don’t do it. And if that is your target audience, no judgement. Well, maybe a little.

BE YOURSELF. I know you do not speak like a self-righteous Oxford professor on the daily. Sounding like yourself is what people actually like to read. They’re not looking for a refined prodigies, they’re looking for human beings.

4. The Book Blogging Community

The Book Blogging Community is awesome! There’s nothing better than getting sweet, thoughtful comments on your posts, and doing the same on other blogs.

So be part of the community! Join us!

Just make sure you’re not leaving comments like this: I love your blog! Hey, check out my post!

No. Absolutely not.

Read their posts. Leave thoughtful comments, not because you just want them to return the favor, but because you like what you’re reading. For example: I love Clockwork Angel too! And your review is great, I’m so glad you’re Team Will! WILL HERONDALE *swoons*

Where to find the Book Blogging Community:

1. Well, you’ve found me, haven’t you? Let’s be blog buddies!

2. Try searching tags through WordPress. Some useful ones are: ya books, young adult fiction, book review.

3. When you come across tags, look at the people tagged. You know they have a spot in the community!

5. Just Keep Blogging, Just Keep Blogging

So you’ve started blogging! Now keep doing it! Don’t just post twice a month,  try to post two to four times per week, you’ll bring a lot more traffic to your site. Of course, not posting for a little while every once in a while is completely understandable, but don’t do it often.

That’s all I have for getting your book blog up and running! Please let me know if you’d like more, a post on ARCs, for example.


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