Grand, Scrumpitous Changes for Becca & Books! (Have Your Pies Ready)

WELCOME chums! 

So I’ve been gone for 11 days, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, my loving little slave. I’ve had time. But I’ve also been cursed with slothery. (It’s chronic) 

The thing is, sometimes I get a little more invested in another aspect of my life—an aspect that isn’t bookish. This leads to a lack of inspiration to really talk about books. And yet, still, I’m ready to talk, to talk about other things, about the rest of my life (which is ballet & theater)


Voila! It’s a VERY rough draft (if you’re an expert png maker, give me a call, would ya) but it shows the essence of my goal. I’m expanding my blog to mostly books, but a bit of ballet and Broadway in there. After all, I’m almost always in a bookish mood, but when I’m not, I still want to be blogging.

After all, all three are about telling a story, whether it through words, dance, or acting.

BUT HERE IS AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I will always be primarily bookish. Remember that, my fiends.

I will always be taking your opinion into consideration!

Are you “meh” about this lifestyle addition to my blog? THEN YELL AT ME.

I’m thinking about changing my name to: The Bookerina. (GET IT GET IT GET IT) What’s your opinion? Are you pro puns or on team #stoppunsforever?