LIBRARIES!!! Why Do We Hate ‘Em? {Pros + Myths Busted}


Bookworms: I have zero dollars and zero cents.

Libraries: It’s okay! You can read this book! All the books! FOR FREE!



Bookworms, including my fabulous self, loooooove to complain about being broke. But do we just wander over to our local library and happily borrow a book? Nope! We just continue complaining 🙂

So why? Now, before we examine the bookworm’s brain, let’s list the reasons why you SHOULD love your bodacious library!

  • THE BOOKS ARE FREER THAN THE AMERICAN SOUL. No cash. No stress. Just you and your words.
  • If you began a bookish journey and end it in a state of bitter terror at what you have just read, no worries! The evil book won’t mock you from your shelves, you can just return it. And you’ve not wasted a cent from that precious piggy bank of yours.
  • The environment. I don’t believe there is a place upon God’s green earth more vibrantly blissful than a library. Stacked and scattered books, boisterous calm, it’s simply the perfect place to learn and explore new worlds.

  • Free internet access! Now I know what you’re thinking, Becca, you’re a nutty coconut, I have Internet access at home! Okay! Cool! But sit that sweet, privileged little booty of yours down, because you, like me, are lucky. A poor child needs the library to complete  homework, a homeless man needs the library to apply for a job. Do you want the poor and homeless to be education-less and homeless forever? No? SUPPORT YOUR LIBRARY!!
  • Every library book has a vivacious history. And you don’t even know what it is! But that only stimulates your imagination—maybe a giggling, gossipy girl read excerpts to her chums at lunch, perhaps a grandmother from Egypt glided through this novel with gumption along side her grandkids. Isn’t that incredible? The conversations others have had with books? 
  • It’s not just about books, there are bounds of clubs and activities! From writing classes to coding lessons, you will neverrrrrr be bored!

  • Myth #1: Authors don’t benefit if you check their book out of the library.

Uh…no? This just isn’t true! I’ll just let bestselling author Maggie Stiefvater set ya straight:

  • Myth #2: All the library stuff is 27282% free!

Yes. To the reader. But the library has to buy the books through funds that keep on decreasing. 

So do your library a favor! Simply checking out a book helps a loooooot.

Due to my bookishness and supposedly incredible analyzing skills, I have taken the task of analyzing the bookish opinions on libraries. Yay me!

  • Reason 1: Bookworms are very possessive creatures and very much like to keep ALL THE BOOKS. 
  • Reason 2: Library books are often in painful conditions, and “OCD” bookworms just can’t take it. (But remember, friends, it’s the quality of the words that make up the worth of the book, not the quality of the spine)
  • Reason 3: Bookworms are forgetful fiends and can’t be bothered with remembering when to return a book.
  • Reason 4: Ahh, good ‘ol laziness. You have to go alllll the way to the library to get a book then alllll the way back again to return it. It’s simply not convenient, and bookworms can’t be bothered with that mess.

Basically: Possessiveness, “OCD”, Forgetfullness, Laziness.

So…everything keeping us bookworms from libraries are essentially negative traits. Whoops!

So I call on you, my bookish nutters, to improve on your “faults,” help out your community, and support a magical organization that MUST NOT DIE.

Or, I mean, do whatever you want. It’s your life.

What do you adore/despise about libraries? What are your bookish faults? Did you already have thes library myths busted? What are some other library myths you feel must be corrected? CHAT WITH ME, BUDDIES!