15 Rational Thoughts Had While Watching Me Before You (No Spoilers, Yes Emotions)

So I watched Me Before You.

And being the fierce, intelligent, and rational person that I am, I thought I would list my fierce, intelligent, and rational thoughts into a fierce, intelligent, and rational movie review.

(Fierce, intelligent, and rational sarcasm probably definitely included. Sorry chums, it’s just how I cope with the pain.)

  • Louisa Clark has the cutest outfits EVER.
  • Wow! It’s like the book?! Can such things be?!
  • Is it okay that I ship Louisa and Nathan all of sudden? Is that okay?
  • Somehow, the movie feels a lot more quirky and bright than the book. I feel like the filmography just brings out more happiness than the book did.
  • There’s less focus on the Clark family than there is in the book. This makes me sad. I am sad.
  • We’re kindaaaaa missing some major side plot lines here. Just sayin.
  • Well, they certainly made certain characters less irksome. Is this a good or bad thing?? 
  • Oh! Look! This scene was in the trailer!
  • I really have to go to the bathroom. But. I NEED TO WATCH.
  • I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone how much I love Will Traynor.
  • I’d like to take this moment to remind everyone how much I hate Will Traynor.
  • This movie is good.
  • This movie is bad.
  • This movie is very bad.

Not bad at all! The movie never strayed from the main plot line, and I understand that they had to omit some other details. THANKS, JO JO MOYES.

Becca is pleased. Becca cried, but Becca is pleased.

Have you read? Have you watched? Have you emotions? Which one of Louisa Clark’s outfits is your favorite?