The Freshest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of January 2017

Mercy me, it’s 2017!


A popular New Year’s resolution bobbing around appears to be “blog more.” WAHOO! More blogging! Delightful! Unfortunately, inspiration can, at times, crash into a fickle little mood and lock itself in its messy little bedroom, shutting little ‘ol you out completely. What then? How can you stay loyal to your innocent resolutions?

With my fresh January Book Blogging Prompts, naturally! See here:Read More »

The Jolliest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of December 2016



And for bookish blogging folks, it’s always the bookish blogging season.

With the holidays come extremely busy bustling. One might not even have the inspiration to blog! Quelle Horreur!


Not to fret, my holly jolly gem. All I want for Christmas is for you to be a cheerful blogger! So I’ve decked this post with jolly book blogging prompts to inspire and delight.

Feast yer eyes:Read More »

The Snazziest BOOK BLOGGING PROMPTS!! of November 2016 {Book Blogging 101}

‘Tis the season to be jolly FALALALALA of NaNoWriMo, elections, turkeys, parades, and crazy shopping deals.

And, of course, ’tis ALWAYS the season of book blogging.

With all the bustling, motivating yourself to settle down, brew a cup of coffee, and blog blog blog can sure be tough. Not to fret! I’ve compiled and delightful delight of book blogging prompts—you can’t even help but be inspired!

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How to Get the Originality Fairy to Bless Your Posts | Book Blogging 101

There are essentially 45,990,382,819 (more or less) bloggers out there. They’re all bursting with bookishness, what they’re not all bursting with is creativity and personality. Don’t be an average book blogger, friends. Be yourself. (Unless you’re Liam Neeson) Use your own unique ideas. (Unless they’re absolute rubbish) 

Essentially, chums, simply be me. 

It all begins with the title, bud. Allow me to demonstrate: 

Good heavens this is boring:

Throne of Glass Review


May Book Haul

YASS I’d click that link:

Throne of Glass | HOW TO BE A SASSY ASSASSIN 101


Demon Fae & Egotistical Gods {It’s a Book Haul, Baby!}

You could have the most tedious subject in the world, and yet get thousands to visit the post simply because of a groovy title. Deception is a sweet, sweet thing.

Take a look at the list below. Could you, perhaps, pinpoint what the all have in common?

  • WWW Wednesday #8229
  • Top Ten Tuesday Songs that Should be Books
  • Taylor Swift Book Tag


Okay. Yes. Weekly memes and book tags are fine. Great even, they can be so fun! I myself do participate in  Top Ten Tuesday from time to time. But you really have to be careful with these posts—they’re the love triangles of book blogging…very overdone. If you’re going to do them, make them seem special, make readers irresistibly attracted to them. 

So…what can you post? 

Sit down. Grab a pen. Write a list of your hobbies/interests, those that are entirely un-bookish. See my list below:

  • Ballet
  • Broadway
  • Disney

You’ve got your list, now how do you use it? If you’re obsessed with Les Miserables, write the soundtrack as books. (Well…don’t. I already did it. I’m just examplifying.) Love making jewelry? Make a post about jewelry recommendations for your favorite book characters.

Don’t forget discussion posts. Discussions posts always inspire arguments intellectual thingys. Just remember: the more original, the better. Try to steer clear from overdone posts—such as insta-love, a discussion I have actually done because I’m pathetic HAHA. 

 You don’t have to write about just books. In fact, your blog will seem way more original if you add more flair! For example:

Your blog should reflect not only who you are, but the person you want to be. So just go for it, chums. Because there is creativity inside of you. I am sure of it. You just have to look. If that doesn’t work, then try listening. Or something. 


Has the originality fairy helped you, friends? Are you inspired? Shall you take over the world? Do you have any advice to share?

I Hook Myself up to an Imaginary Lie Detector! | Get Up Offa That Slump: Blogging Extravaganza 

Here’s the scrumptious blurb of the scrumptious extravaganza by Rachel @ Beauty & the Bookshelf:

Hiiiiiiiiii, wonderful people of the universe! Welcome to DAY ONE of Get Up Offa That Slump: A Blogging Extravaganza! This extravaganza is three-week long partay consisting of blog posts that will hopefully do a number of things: get you back into blogging and remind you how fun and creative blogging can be. To learn more about this shindig (all the cool kids are doing it, just an FYI), you can check out the introduction post here and join in anytime.

I AM LATE. But yesterday was Interview with oneself so here I am, chums.


Becca 1.0: State your full name.

Becca 2.0: Rebecca Lilliana Stevenson

Becca 1.0: Liar.

Becca 2.0: No.

Becca 1.0: You’re lying.

Becca 2.0: No.

Becca: 1.0: Becca.

Becca 2.0: Shh.

Becca 1.0: Becca, come on.

Becca 2.0: OKAY FINE. My parents didn’t give me a middle name. So I unofficially christened myself. MOVING ON.

Becca 1.0: Why have you been so inactive in the blogosphere as of late?

Becca 2.0: Not that I have to explain myself to you or anything, but I’ve been at ballet rehearsal every night and learning things every day. I also have an improv show coming up in a week SO. 

Becca 1.0: What are your pet peeves? 

Becca 2.0: Lovely Hispanic people assuming I speak Spanish. Lovely people assuming I am Hispanic. SPOILER ALERT: I am not Hispanic.

Becca 1.0: Well, what are you then? What languages do you speak?

Becca 2.0: I am half-Indian, half-white, a lovely combination if I do say so myself. I speak my mom’s language of Malayalam, which you have never heard of (don’t lie) and am learning to speak French. I also speak English. FYI.

Becca 1.0: What are some of your favorite things?

Becca 2.0: *raindrops on roses* Ahem. So. Books & ballet & basset hounds & Broadway. And potatoes and PIE. And alliterations.

Becca 1.0: Do you have any siblings?

Becca 2.0:  Yes. A sister. She used to be super mean to me and now she is sometimes okay. Everyone likes to tell me how pretty she is. I never tell her this because I think her self-esteem is above the healthy amount already. Here is a picture I made of her with Enjorlas:


Becca 1.0: Mayhaps we should stop. This is getting a little out of hand

Becca 2.0: It’s over when I say it’s over.

Becca 1.0: But…I’m you so if I say—

Becca 2.0: It’s over.


Blogging Slumps | Book Blogging 101


Yes. I am currently emerged in that awful thing that all bloggers of all kinds experience.

A blogging slump.

Since school has begun, I have had a lot less time to blog. And even when I do, it’s: Meh. I don’t feel like it.

Not only that, I’m also in a reading slump.


Pretty much, I’m not in the mood for the book world at them moment. And guess what?

That’s okay!

Writers need a break from writing, readers need a break from reading, and bloggers need a break from blogging. It happens to all of us!

If you’re going through a blogging slump, I’m going to attempt to help you work through it.

1. Read and read and read and read

If you’re in a blogging slump and not in a reading slump, the best thing to do is read! Nothing inspires the  urge to blog again than finishing a fantastic book. 

2. Read other blogs

I find so many amazing blog posts in the blogosphere, and I have so much fun reading them! They really inspire me to blog again and I’m amazed by all their creativity! 


This is especially helpful if you’re in a reading slump. Booktube eases up on you with friendly, awesome videos all about books. They’re just as amazing and helpful as blogs and it’s very helpful if you’re trying to get out of a slump.

4. Yeah, okay. Netflix

You can’t be a perfect, reading/blogging fiend all the time. Relax! Sometimes you just need to let yourself spend a week of being lazy and binge watching, especially if the show happens to be The Blacklist 🙂

5. Just take a break

Nothing discourages like forcing yourself. Just let yourself take a break from all of it, forget about the book world for a bit and let yourself relax into whatever else you’re interested at the moment. Of course, it’s important not to let this get out of hand. Don’t give up! Unless, of course, your interests have just changed, which is also perfectly okay!

That being said, I will be continuing my hiatus a bit because I need a little break. Of course, I’ll be back!

In a blogging slump? Did this help? Let me know!