The Stages of a Book Hangover

For book lovers everywhere, it’s inevitable. You get attached to the characters, the stories, the world. And then — the series ends. Just like that. And that’s when the book hangover begins.

Stage One: Denial

Alas, it begins. But you can’t quite accept it. You’re still mulling over the idea that you’ll never have another book with these characters again. No. You won’t accept it. You can’t. 

Stage Two: Shock

Holy Crap. It’s over. It’s done. Holy Crap.

Stage Three: Grief



We all know the feeling. Lying in bed surrounded by dozens of tissues. You’ll never be able to frolic with these characters in a brand new book ever again!

In fact, you’re so messed up you even just said frolic.  

Stage Four: Reading Slump



The very worst part. The reading slump. No book satisfies or holds your attention, no book is good enough. So you cast aside book after book, unable to read.

Stage Five: Netflix

Oh, the classic frenemy. 

Just one more episode of Gilmore girls…

Stage Six: Recovery

And just like that, after hours of Netflix, you pick up that one book, devour it, and you move on to the next one. You read book after book until the cycle starts again.