Top Five Fictional Sidekicks


5. Dr. Watson. Now here’s sidekick material. Watson adds just the right amount of sensibility to Sherlock’s reasonable insanity.


4. Ron Weasley. Sure, he’s not exactly the bravest lad, especially when it comes to spiders, but he sticks to Harry’s side through everything.


3. Rue. She was the sweetest little thing that took care of Katniss when she was hallucinating and covered in tracker jacker stings and whatnot. I mean, normal Katniss is pretty scary, I don’t think I would’ve had the guts to approach her when she was going insane.


2. Primrose Everdeen. Yeah, she was kind of the reason Katniss got into the Hunger Games in the first place, but she was always there to help Katniss in any way she could.


1. Grover Underwood. Though this guy isn’t fearless, he faces his fears anyway to help his friends. Anytime Percy needed him, he was there. Now there’s a true sidekick!

11 Signs You Grew up on Fairy Tales

If you developed a love for books at an especially young age, it was probably through fairy tales. Here are 11 signs that fairy tales are what you grew up on.



You’ve probably have a knack for loosing your shoe, and often at midnight, at hopes of finding your own Prince Charming, or at least a Fairy Godmother.


You have an unhealthy obsession with needles.


You’ve planted more than a few beanstalks in hopes they grow into giant ones.


Your mom has found you jumping off your bed multiple times. What she didn’t know is that you were also thinking happy thoughts. Really happy thoughts.


You have a fear of wolves. It’s rational, okay?


You’ve been growing out your hair for a very, very long time.


You are very cautious around apples.

An Arbitrary Ranking of the Twelve Major Greek Gods in Percy Jackson

Let’s be honest here, some of the Greek gods in the Percy Jackson series are better than others.

12.  Ares. There is literally no one who likes this guy. Well, except for Aphrodite, but no one really knows whether or not she’s mentally stable.

11.  Hera. Okay, an enemy of Annabeth is an enemy of every person who has read Percy Jackson. Hera sends cows after people she doesn’t like. Cows. I guess she improved in the Heroes of Olympus, but still.

10. Aphrodite. So she’s the goddess of beauty, blah blah blah. But I’m still not exactly sure if she’s sane.

9.  Zeus. I don’t know why, but there’s just something about this guy. It’s unexplainable.

8. Dionysus. Sure, he’s a jerk and all, but he’s really not bad on the inside. I’m sure he was a friendly drunk before Zeus made him go all sober.

7. Artemis. She’s so, so, so awesome if you’re a girl. But if you happen to be a male, things don’t look too good for you.

6. Athena. Some might think she deserves better than a six, and you might be right. But sometimes I feel like she’s a little to stiff.

5. Demeter. You don’t learn too much about Demeter in the series, but she is the goddess of harvest, which means food, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love food.

4. Poseidon. This guy is pretty cool. Plus he’s the father of Percy and Tyson. No father of Tyson could be anything but awesome.

3. Hephaestus. He was thrown off a cliff, by his own mother. Or father, there’s not much clarity on that. Why? Because he was ugly! But he’s a freaking genius, and beauty just fades. Well, unless you’re a god or goddess…

2. Apollo. Without Apollo, there would be no music. What kind of sick twisted world would that be?

1. Hermes. Okay, too be honest, it’s not because Hermes is really super awesome, it’s because all the other twelve major gods/goddesses really aren’t all that great. They all have the good things and the bad things, but some have more bad things than others. Hermes is pretty awesome though. He’s hilarious despite the fact he delivers gazillions of dead people to the underworld every day.

But my absolute favorite goddess isn’t one of the major ones. It’s Hestia. She used to be a major god, and yet she gave it all for peace. Now there is a goddess to look up to.

Throne of Glass Book Review (Spoiler Free)

Title – Throne of Glass

Author- Sarah J. Maas

Age Range – 12+

Rating – 4.5 out of 5 stars

Celaena Sardothien has spent a year of hard labor in the salt mines for her crimes as an assassin. Prince Dorian offers her a deal For her freedom. She must fight in a competition against other criminals to become the King’s Champion. If she wins, she’ll be free after serving as the royal assassin for six years.

Prince Dorian begins to show interest in her. As Celaena starts to fall for him, she sees the gruff Captain Westfall also falling for her. Celaena is indecisive at every page.

But there are more important things to be concerned about. Contestants are being killed off one by one. And who knows, Celaena could be next.

This book was amazing! It kept me up till 2 AM and ignoring the rest of the world. The characters are unusual. I mean, how often do you read about an assassin? The story is intense, but there are plenty of parts where the witty banter gets you laughing out loud. I would recommend this to those who enjoy a good page-turner as well as a love triangle.