YA Book Workout (Bookish Brain + Bookish Biceps = UNSTOPPABLE FORCE)

Let’s have a little talk about bookworms.

Superhuman reading powers? We’ve always had ’em.

Finger and hand strength from holding up hardcovers for HOURS? Yup. 

But other than that, many of us don’t get much excercie. Nothing to be ashamed of, since excercie is stupid and sweaty and reading and lots of food is much better.

NOT TO FEAR MY BOOKISH FRIENDS! I found a handy solution: YA Book Workouts!

Basically, you can read and gain abs AT THE SAME TIME. Is this not the best thing?? Are you super duper intrigued?? Then, please chums, see below. 🙂

  • No way! Main character female? And white? I’m stunned! 10 squats
  • OMG! Main character is different? So special? OMG! Who knew?? 20 jumping jacks
  • Aww boy who loveth her! 30 second plank 
  • Loveth boy’s eyes are described! (Spoiler: THEY ARE BLUE AND DREAMY) 10 sit-ups
  • Parents dead, of course. How else would main character have such maturity and independence? 30 second wall-sit
  • REVOLUTION:D 15 crunches
  • OMG!! Another boy loveth main character?! How will she choooooose??? 15 bicycles 
  • Main character chooses. (Spoiler: it’s loveth boy #1) 10 lunges
  • Main character saves the world! Everyone is super surprised! Except every reader! Literally no reader is surprised! 15 push-ups

Now go forth, my children. Pick up a YA book and try it. Go ahead. You’d be amazed at the muscles you’ll gain just by reading!

Have you got more brains or biceps? You’ve got both now, right? What are your favorite/most hated YA tropes? Favorite exercises? Chat away, chums!