10 Weird Things Bookworm’s Google

You know you do it. I know you do it. I know you know we all do it.

1. Did my letter from Howgwarts get lost


Every 11-year-old’s first heartbreak. It’s okay. We’re all in this together.

2. DIY Pen Sword


For some reason, taping a foam sword tip to a ballpoint pen never works.

3. Bus times to Middle Earth


Well, this is awkward.

4. How to make my boyfriend be Will Herondale


See, the hard part is actually having a boyfriend in the first place.

5. Colleges teaching Runes 101


Like you’d settle for anything less.

6. DIY metal dragon that breathes fire and acts like it is a real dragon


Sharing is caring, Leo. Sharing is caring.

7. How to be a cyborg


Step-by-step instructions, please.

8. Where to sign up for The Bachelor, Prince Edition


Wait—you mean they don’t have those in real life?


9. How did they fake Augustus Water’s death?


Because obviously he didn’t actually die. Obviously.

10. Why can’t I find Will Herondale


So we’re a little desperate. Isn’t everyone?

Have you googled any of these things? (It’s a redundant question, I know you have. Don’t lie, don’t make it weird)

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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