A Book Review of the Election of 2016

Once Upon a Time Kat ‘O Keefe blessed us with this little tweet:

Naturally, my mind began immediately converting this clever quip into a blog post. Wouldn’t it be funny, I thought. Wouldn’t it be neat if I portrayed my views on the Election of 2016 the same way I portray my views on books? Wouldn’t it be swell?


Thus, I’m introducing my take on the Election of 2016…as if it were a book. In the same format as any ‘ol book review. 🙂


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Bookish Characters for President! (We Make Fun of Donald Trump a Lot)



 Hillary Clinton → Lia from The Naturals.

Hillary Clinton’s track record? Not exactly perfect with the cell phones and emails and the etc. So the whole honesty thing? Not her best feature. Ergo, the bookish character to take her place would be Lia from The Naturals, our favorite pathological liar. With her liberal views and her loyalty, those two are practically twins!

Bernie Sanders → Dumbledore from the Harry Potter books.


Bernie? Let’s fix the world (or at least America)! Dumbledore? Let’s fix the world and stop Voldemort! See any difference? Neither do I. 

There’s even a Name that Quote: Bernie or Dumbledore Edition. That’s how hard it is to tell them apart. They are the same persons. Just slap a beard on Sanders.


Jeb Bush → Adam from Shatter Me.

Nobody loves Adam. Nobody truly hates him either. He’s boring. He’s low energy. He doesn’t quite excite.

Ahem. Sound familiar? 

Ted Cruz → Matthew from Anne of Green Gables.

Do they have anything in common? Hardly. BUT. They were both born in Canada.



Marco Rubio → Frank from Since You’ve Been Gone.

What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Marco Rubio? Pristine-debater-dad-person. Obviously. What’s the first word that comes to mind when you think of Frank? Pristine-debater-person. Close enough.

Also, I thought it would be hilarious to see a Presidential candidate next to a fluffy book cover with tumblr girls. So there’s that.

Donald Trump → Donald Trump.

There is no one like this man, fictional or not. Thank Goodness.

It’s the puncutation that gets me.


Ok but tbh me as a presidential candidate.

What political-bookish relations currently full your satirical little mind? Who are you voting for?