Book Blogging 101 | How to Keep Blogging When You’re a Busy Bee

Ahem. So. I had a little hiatus for a bit. Sorry about that.

Ballet has started up, and soon I’ll be la papillon and la femme-ing my way through my local community college. Since that French course will all be in addition to my regular schoolwork, I’m going to be quite the busy bee. Ergo, this post.


 I am terrible at giving advice. Don’t listen to me ever.

Here’s a rule I heard for NaNoWriMo that could be quite helpful in blogging as well: Don’t go to bed until you’ve finished your word count blog post. (I did not follow this rule for NaNoWriMo. I have story-commitment issues and really love sleeping)

You could, of course, be lazy less extreme about it. Take 15-30 minutes before bed to work on your blog. No need to type up an entire polished post, but you can write a lot in half an hour. Just save it as a draft to work on it later!


If you ever have a bunch of free time, instead of typing up a few posts and publishing them all together you can schedule them to be published throughout the week. 

Scheduling is incredibly helpful for those of us who have short, sudden bursts of productivity followed by repulsive slothery. Scheduling is key, my friends.


Type on the go! It’s pretty hard to write a polished, publishable post on your phone, but you can get a lot of ideas down while waiting in disgusting doctor’s offices and whatnot. Then you can just save them as a draft and make sense of all those ramblings later.

Harry gets me.


It’s okay to have other priorities. Sleep, school, work, family. It’s okay if those things are more important to you that blogging! But here’s the thing, if you want to be successful in blogging, if it really means something to you, then you’ll find a way to put time into it. It’s fine to skip publishing a post to watch Dancing with the Stars every once in a while, but not all the time. 

If you really love blogging, show it. Put time into it.

Take a break if need be! Whether you’re busy or there’s a Gilmore Girls marathon on or you just need to disconnect for a while, it’s okay to take a little hiatus. Relax. Just be careful, remember the humble little blogging community!

Don’t take away the quality of your posts either. Don’t settle for post you know aren’t your best just because you’re busy. 

Or do whatever. It’s your life.

Are you a lazy busy little bee like me? How do you keep blogging when life is crazy? Is anyone going to follow my sleep tip I mean really?