Is Insta-love All that Bad? | Becca’s Bookish Discussion

As I’m sure you already know, insta-love is when two characters in literature (or anything, really) have a sort of love at first sight. If you’re the typical book reader, insta-love automatically equals BAD. VERY BAD. I’m not necessarily going to be defending it, but it certainly isn’t the worst thing I’ve found in books.

There’s nothing like a bookworm screaming about insta-love. And when it’s sloppy and poorly done, I absolutely understand. No one wants to read about a sixteen-year-old swooning and ready to die for a thirteen-year-old he just met. (Sorry, Shakespeare) Honestly, I think the reason we so often hate insta-love is because it usually is sloppy and poorly done. But it’s pretty close-minded of us bookworms to bash all insta-loves just because of a few horrid failures.

NUMBER ONE ARGUMENT: Insta-love is unrealistic. Okay. For the moment, let’s assume it is. So what? I understand the appeal of realism in literature, but that’s just not a strong enough argument for me. If you want reality, why don’t you, well, live. Of course, some books really need all that realism to have that full impact, but that isn’t necessarily needed for romance at all times. I don’t know about you, but when I read I’m not looking for reality. I’m looking for magic, I’m looking for something new, something I haven’t experienced. 

Okay, is insta-love really unrealistic? Well, maybe. It really depends on who you ask. There can certainly be that initial attraction, can’t there? Insta-lust, or something else perhaps. I must say that love is more than attraction. But long discussions over coffee in a day, maybe that won’t be love yet, but there could be something there. And that something there is usually what you find in literature. No one’s claiming it’s love.

Romeo & Juliet love? Yes. That’s unrealistic my friend. 

Yes! In my opinion, anyway. Looking for one? Just One Day by Gayle Forman. It’s got some mixed reviews, but to me it was pure, beautiful magic.

So what’s your verdict? Got any recommendations for me? Let me know!

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