Cover-Judging! And Why I’m Not Sorry For My Superficiality | Becca’s Bookish Discussion


  • Covers often represent their genre. If I’m in the mood for fantasy as I wander into my local nefarious bookshop, I will likely pick up a book with castles or dragons on the cover rather than one with two fatuous teenagers sitting on a fence as they watch the sunset. This saves a busy bee like me from going and reading the summary of every book in the store.
  • Covers are their own bookish art form. Someone actually put a lot of time and energy into creating covers to appease shallow readers everywhere. All the glorious creativity in a book cover should be acknowledged! 
  • Publishers should not be lazy twats. Excuse me! Don’t settle for terrible cover art because it’s too hard to find someone to design it better. And certainly don’t give me that well they shouldn’t judge a book by its cover anyway nonsense. I demand perfection! (Calm down. That was a joke.)
  • Because I’m superficial and I like pretty things. Yeah, I want a book that will like nice on my shelves. You call it superficiality, I call it appreciation of the arts! (Okay, yes, it’s a little superficial)  
  • Sometimes covers misrepresent the book. Maybe this amazing fantasy book looks more like a Nicholas Sparks novel on the outside but I’d never know its true inner beauty because I’m a superficial vermin.
  • It’s what’s on the inside that counts! So what if a book cover is horrendous? (Inner artist claws off skin) So what if it misrepresents the book? The words inside are what matter.
  • I’m waaaay too picky to cover judge. There are, like, four covers I consider worthy of my shelf. I can’t help it, really. A queen must have noble tastes.  

Cover judge/appreciate-the-art-form away—but with caution. 

Or do whatever. I don’t own your life.

Are you a cover-judger? Are you ashamed of this label or do you proudly wear it?