Owlcrate Unboxing! | Lunar Chronicles Goodness & Useless Whovian Madness

Owlcrate is a monthly YA subscription box featuring a delicious book and scrumptious bookish goodies. Want to know if it’s worth the $30 a box? Just read below for my take on the contents of the Feburary box, the theme of the month being Sci-Fi love! 
 I APPROVE. I shall commence using this tote bag to carry shenanigans and remind me of the shippity shipping feels. 

(Cress + Thorne is my favorite. FYI. I know you were wondering.)

I am not a Whovian. I do not care for Doctor Who. When I order a YA subscription box, I expect YA things. Is Doctor Who YA? NO. Ergo, I don’t want it. Get it away.  

I certainly like the cover!

I’ve only read one other book by H. G. Wells, and that was The Invisble Man. I despised it. So.


  1. The Love That Split the World by Emily Henry
  2. A letter from Emily Henry (so sweet!)
  3. A signed (!!!) sticker pertaining to said book

I have heard a monstrous amount of good things about TLTSTW. A MONSTOROUS AMOUNT. It looks intriguing and mysterious, I’m excited to see how I like it!

This month’s box was split 50/50 for me. But I think that’s mainly because I’m not much of a science fiction person in general. I haven’t even seen Star Wars (shh). 

What I would recommend doing is looking at Owlcrate’s Instagram and such to see the theme of the box ahead, and then decide if you’d like to order it or not.

While the theme wasn’t perfectly tailored towards me, the goodies did delight! I am also quietly dying of anticipation for March’s box, with the theme of Writer’s Block!

Have you ordered Owlcrate? If so, what month’s theme has been your favorite? Are you a Whovian? Do you want my brooch thing?