10 Weird Things Bookworms Google PART 2

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Okay, so Pottermore insists I’m a Hufflepuff. I refuse. I am a Raveclaw. I am a Raveclaw by choice.

Wait, but is there actually a rigged Pottermore…?

Feet fetishes? Pshh. None of that. But the old book scent/spray/candle/perfume? Yes, please!  

All of them. Together. This is the tough one, see. 


(This does not qualify under “weird” but it certainly qualifies under things bookworms google.)  

Firstly, they must be free. Secondly, it must be the bookshop the whole bookshop nothing but the bookshop. With all the books. Everything. For our private collection, of course.


So many awful lines in that show, SO MANY. Honestly, all us bloggers should be writing that script. Imagine! It would be legendary!

CPR? Ritual revival? Perhaps we could just not read the book, but that’s hardly an option.

We can’t just leave our books unprotected, someone could steal them all at anytime!

Confession: I haven’t read The Lord of the Rings. But I am desperately running out of ideas.

Some things just never change.

Have you googled any of these things? (That was a redundant question. Don’t lie, don’t make it weird.)