The Bookish Easter Basket OF MY DREAMS *hint hint* | Get Up Offa That Slump Extravaganza 

So basically I missed 90% of the blogging extravaganza because I got the flu. So. Sorry. 

Here’s today’s blurb:

Here’s the prompt: March 27 is Easter, and Easter, among other things, means a bunny delivers you a basket filled with goodies. What would be in your basket? And please, feel free to make our wallets weep because we will want All The Things and need them Immediately.

OR, you can Tell Us Your Ways: As we all know, blogging isn’t easy. Sometimes it’s hard to write a post, other times it’s hard to stay organized and keep up with everything that goes into blogging–it’s almost like you need a system to help keep the flow going. If you have any methods to help make blogging work and keep it the most enjoyable and actually do stuff, please share your ways and cheat sheet!

Prepare yourselves for the basket of my Easter-ly dreams. Feel free to make them a reality. *winky face* *hint hint* *please please*

The Library Art Print by Bookworm Botique

Okay, I’ll accept absolutely anything from Bookworm Botique BUT THIS DESIGN HAS MY HEART. Because a) Disney and b) my walls need something magical to spruce them up and c) DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY.
Enjorlas (Les Miserables) Throw Pillow by katwhisky


Honestly. What’s not to love? It’s even huggable! It’s huggable cynicism!


I won’t even eat these. I’d just stare at their majestic beauty and drool. And cry. 

HA. Just kidding. I’d totally eat them.

  Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare and The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski

I am broke.

So broke.

Ergo, these books are not in my possession. The person to change that shall be crowned owner of my soul. I will sell my soul for these books.


What would be in your scrumptious Easter basket? Books? Puppies? Abnormally large chickpeas? Are you broke like me? Are you randomly rich and in the mood for philanthropy in which case PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME.