Book Blogging 101 | ARCs and Stats

In case you’re more interested in hearing about how to get your book blog started, check out this post! A few people were curious about ARCs and such, so I decided to continue onto this post!


1. Like, Comment, Follow, Repeat!

As briefly mentioned in my previous Blogging 101 post, the best way to get other book blogs to notice you is to notice them. Once you find a book blog and like what you see, let them know! Like their posts, comment on them! Leave sweet, thoughtful, genuine comments, showing that you actually like their posts. Make sure you’re not commenting just because you want them to follow you.

How to find other book blogs?

Search tags on WordPress such as: yabooks, young adult books, book reviews

Find a post about a book tag or a blogger awards posts? See who’s tagged!

2. Write quality posts and write them often

Proofread. I know, it’s tedious. But it matters. I also know I’m being a little bit of a hypocrite on this one. You have no idea how many time,y mom has had to tell me about a grammatical mistake on my post!

Thank you, mom.

Here’s logic everyone should be able to understand: The more posts you have, the more posts people will see. So write lots and lots of posts!

3. Reach out

If someone is nice enough to comment on your post, comment back! Don’t just like their comment and ignore it. If you leave a nice reply, they’re more likely to come back.

Trust me, I’ve left comments on people’s posts and gotten a like in reply, which is nice! But it does give off a sort of unappreciative vibe, doesn’t it?


1. What is an ARC?

Most new bloggers have no idea what an ARC is, which is fine! Unless you were born with a book blogging lingo dictionary pre-programmed in your head, you’ll need someone to tell you what it is!

Simple ARC definition: ARC stands for Author’s Review Copy. Bloggers and booktubers can get and ARC from a publishing company before it comes out to review it or feauture it.

2. How can I get an ARC?

You have to have the stats! Publishers don’t hand out ARCs to just any blog, you must be worthy!

You should probably have about 250-300 followers at the least to get an ARC from a publisher. Though really, it’s more about the number of views and visitors you get in a month that’s more important. 

I first requested a lot of ARCs when I was at about 200 followers, but with 1,300  views and 330 individual visitors in a month. I received basically all of the ARCs I requested, so those publishers seem to appreciate those stats.

3. How do I ask a publisher for an ARC?

This was a serious struggle for me, but thankfully WordsWeHeart had this AMAZING post to help!

All the information is in that awesome post, but I’ll give you a skim of it.

First, you have to get the email of a publisher. You can do this by just going to the website of a publishing company and choosing their publicity email. The post mentioned above also has a list.

The format for the email I use is the one WordsWeHeart offers, and that’s the one I would reccomend! Honestly, her post is much more informative than this!

Don’t freak out if you don’t get an email back, some publishers just send the book!

4. What about e-ARCs?

These are much more accessible to those with not as many stats, however I don’t really like them since I really don’t like reading on and e-Reader.

Though if you are interested, NetGalley is the best and most popular place to get them!

I really hope all that helpe, please comment any questions or requests!

Goodreads: Becca and Books


Mailing Adress: P.O. Box 86907

Montgomery Village, MD 20886-6907

80 thoughts on “Book Blogging 101 | ARCs and Stats

  1. Great post! Thanks for letting readers know how much traffic you were getting when you started getting approved for ARCs, it’s hard to know when you have enough to start approaching publishers. I’ve been getting lots of books through NetGalley (I love e-books) but I’ve only recently worked up the courage to contact publishers for paper copies. They’re so much better for photos!

  2. I just stumbled across this post today while looking through tags! It’s great! I’m a new blogger and I appreciated all the advice. It’s a little intimidating to put yourself out there, but it’s nice to read posts that are so encouraging for new bloggers. Thanks again!

  3. Welcome to the blogging community!!
    I’d love to give you advice! First off, there’s all I said in my post. It seems like you’re already doing everything right! Really, my only advice is to keep commenting, and keep postingβ€”a lot. Try doing some tags, and tag other blogs. Soon you’ll be tagged in return! Let all the people you know in real life that you have a blog, ask them to spread the word!
    Hope that helps!

  4. Hi there! I was just referred to your post because I am new to the book blogging world and am hoping to get involved in book reviewing. I just started my blog in June so I am rather new and still need to build up my stats.

    Do you have any tips for getting more views? I’ve started commenting on other people’s blogs and trying to be consistent in my posting. I am seeing more consistent views on my blog, but I wondered if you have any advice for getting more people on.

    Thank you for all your advice!

  5. Thank you for your response. Thats really kind of you to say. I am delighted that I got approved for one anyway. Im sure once I start giving feedback that will give publishers reassurance about me as a reviewer xx

  6. What a helpful post. I joined up with netgalley this week and got approved for my first ARC. However, I wish I had seen this post first as I got turned down by two big publishers first. It was probably because I didn’t have my stats up. I am only new to book blogging and they could probably see that.

    Ah well, you live and learn xx

  7. This is such a helpful and informative post. I’m new to book-blogging and was a bit overwhelmed about where to start. Thank you for the advice! πŸ™‚

  8. Oops, sorry I was a bit unclear. What I was trying to say was could you write a post showing all the past ARCs you were approved for, or the publishing companies that sent you the ARCs? I hope that makes more sense. Thank you a million times! β€οΈπŸ’•

  9. No problemo!!!! I don’t have an Instagram, sorry! Sure, I can write a post like that, but what exactly do you mean about my past ARCs? I’d be happy to do the post, I’m just not sure exactly what you mean.

  10. Again, thank you sososososoooo much! By the way, do you have an Instagram? I would love to follow you. ❀ and lastly, I was wondering (if it wouldnt be too hard for you of course) if you could make another 101 post about the ARCs that have you have already received? If you can't, its fine, but it would be nice to read about at as well. Sending a bunch of virtual hugs! <333

  11. Okay, that makes it much clearer for me. πŸ™‚ I have around 300 views per month so I still need to catch up, haha. Thank you so much! Your post really helped me. I’ll request some physical ARCS after my blog grows bigger. Anyways, I can always request e-ARCs which I was approved for so that’s fine. πŸ˜‰

  12. It’s really good so far; I’m a bit past halfway. I feel really sorry for Will now but I still think he’s an idiot because obviously the people at the institute love him in their own way, and they’re not dead now are they?

  13. Also, I would advertise A LOT on your Instagram, because you have a crazy big and crazy awesome following! Which makes sense, because your photos are AMAZING!!!

  14. I actually started blogging at the end of December and I now have 418 followers. Don’t feel bad at all, the amount of followers you have isn’t what matters in the ARC world! Try more to get your stats up by sending it to your family and friends and such. And you’ve only been blogging since Feburary, so you still fairly new and have plenty of time to get more followers! Unless you have crazy awesome stats (300ish individual visitors and 1,000ish views) I wouldn’t request an ARC yet because I think you might need some more stats, but it never hurts to ask a publisher anyway!

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