BOOKISH MYTHBUSTERS: Bookworm Stereotypes

“Normal” people have sure got some funky ideas about bookworms.

But don’t fret, friends! That’s what Bookish MythBusters is for. This bi-monthly feature created by the lovely, vivacious ME will clear up those odd bookish legends.

Today’s mission? The Bookworm Stereotypes!

Myth #1: Bookworm’s Don’t Talk to People

HAHAHAHA. Well, not if we can help it, no.

But really, bookworms don’t just read all the books. We chat about the books, gossip about the books, cackle about the books, sob about the books, scream about the books, WE TALK ABOUT THE BOOKS. WITH PEOPLE.

I mean, what do you think the 56, 681, 115,137 book bloggers (this number is accurate there was a study and everything google it) do with their blog?? Eat it?

So yes, bookworms are all:


But we’re also all about the:


img_0787Myth #2: Bookworm’s Utter with the Supremest Terminology

Okay but how did this myth even come to exist? Let’s take a look at some of the eloquent utterances of a couple of readers after finishing their latest reads:

Oh yes, we bookworms are very expressive.


What?! That’s not true! We totally eat and occasionally sleep too! Sometimes we even brush our teeth.

Time to face reality, bud. Reader’s can possess a whole array of interests! And if it’s evidence you desire, search no further:

We  ❀ our books, but we  ❀ our numerous other passions too.


Myth #4: Bookworms are Super Duper Smart!

Yes! We are! That’s what happens when  you read! Thanks for noticing! No MythBusting needed here, coconut!

What Bookish MythBusting posts do you request? Any bookworm stereotypes you hate? Any you LOVE? What assumptions have people made about your bookish life?

77 thoughts on “BOOKISH MYTHBUSTERS: Bookworm Stereotypes

  1. You have a very beautiful website. I look forward to coming back and reading more. Please stop by mine and if you like, follow back.

  2. First of all, THANKS!! I love Belle ❀️
    TRUE! I’ve actually never thought of that, but it’s so true!! I’m always kicking myself because I forget my current read and I have a dull moment. Books are soooo heavy and I’m soooo weak so carrying them everywhere is rough!

  3. First of all, I really love the Beauty and the Beast images (best disney princess film ever). I think another bookish myth is that we carry books around everywhere because more often than not, I am sat on the train wishing I had brought my newest Waterstones purchase!

  4. This is amazing… I have never seen something so accurate with Bookworm myths. Because I am a avid reader I face these stereotypes daily and I wonder if people (non-book loving ones at least) understand that I am not an alien. I mean, I act like one, but I like things other than reading.

  5. YES! These made me laugh so much… but I’m not a book worm I’m a book dragon. Mainly because I spit fire at anyone who tries to steal my books! Belle is my favourite Disney character just for her love of books! Loved everything about this post! Thank you!

  6. I feel ya! Honestly stereotypes just amuse me. BUT I STILL WANT TO SET THINGS STRAIGHT. Ergo: this post! Omg you are seriously well-rounded person goals! It’s true, everyone has all sorts loves, it’d be pretty weird if all had just one.

  7. This is so hilarious! All of these are about half true (except the last, that’s completely true). I mean…. I’M ANTISOCIAL. But also I HAVE A BOOK BLOG??? AND A YOUTUBE CHANNEL MIGHT BE COOL SOMEDAY.

  8. I hate stereotypes, I hate the stereotype that people who read have no life and just read all day. Yes, I don’t do much (due to school) but if I had time to have a social life I’d be hella social, going to markets, spending time with friends etc. I’m passionate about social issues, I love photography, finding cute shops, going to concerts, poetry. Just because I like to read doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I enjoy. Stereotypes always annoy me.
    – Yasmin

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