Snapchat Filters + Book Covers = My Worst Idea Ever

This post will be a horrific waste of time.

Why lie, you know? It’s going to be ridiculous and atrocious. It might maybe possibly make you laugh. Out of pity. 

STOP READING THIS. Watch Gilmore Girls. Count peanuts. Give your Basset Hound a manicure.

Okay, for those of you incredibly stupid heathens still tagging along (for the sake of procrastination, I assume) here you go. Cringe away:


The (new and frightening) cover can be interpreted manyyyyy ways, just like the book:

  1. Girl is hiding the fact that she’s a unicorn.
  2. Book is making fun of girl for her anxiety by calling her a unicorn.
  3. Rainbow upchuck is fun!

Yes, that’s good. Cover that bloody nose right up. Because ew.

This is actually ingenious because:

  1. Celaena is cover girl and Celaena slays
  2. Celaena is slaying queen 
  3. Queen Celaena

When in doubt,  have a snapchat double-selfie with yourself!! Best cure for loneliness! Guaranteed!

Thanks for wasting your time with ME, chums! I so very much appreciate it!

On a scale from 1 to bookish face-swapping, how would you rate your pain/horror while reading this post? Which filter scared you the least? And show me your disgusting beautiful snapchatted book covers in the comments!


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